A Fancy Pennant Banner

Two days before Christmas I had the 2nd of 2 surgeries within a month on my left knee…long story, maybe I’ll share someday, but the good thing about having to stay down for a little while was the time I had to put things into perspective… on a variety of levels. One of the goals I have made for this year is to finish decorating the rooms I have started. It will take some time to get all of this done, but the great thing about blogging is that I get to drag you along with me, right? After all, the journey of any destination is the best part, or should be anyway! I’m not really starting at the beginning with this journey right now, for reasons that will be unfolded along the way, but because I can’t wait to bring you along I just had to share this project!

I have been collecting ideas for their room on Pinterest for a couple of years now, so since we are working on their “new” room, I asked my 7 year old what she wanted incorporated from all the pins. She immediately pointed out pennants, banners and pom-poms. 
So a week ago Sunday, when things were getting a little rambunctious after being cooped up in the house so much with one gray day after another, I lured them over to the kitchen table after gathering all the foofy supplies I could find and asked them to help me. Getting them into a creative place usually channels their extra energy into something a little more productive.  

I don’t know why “craft” or “crafting” has become a dirty word in my head lately, but it has. Or, rather, HAD, until I made these fun fancy pannant banners with my girls. As I was putting them together without any restrictions and an “anything goes” attitude, I suddenly realized just how much I was enjoying it!

Anything goes projects are more my style anyway. It’s hard to create when I feel restricted.
 A week and a half ago I installed board and batten on their main wall in their new room, repainted and will be working on installing new baseboards with the hope of new carpeting or wood flooring…thus the reason I won’t be sharing that yet, but here is a sneak peek!
The banner foundations are made on burlap pennants I found for $3 at Target during Christmas. It came with 8 pennants, so I threw together another banner to surprise the girls later with buttons Alyssa chose one day at Hobby Lobby. At the time we didn’t know what we were going to use them for. 

The girls and I love love it! 
I hope you are finding fun ways to enjoy your gray days! 
Want to see another idea for a pennant banner? Click HERE.

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