Under the Bed Lego Board-Dose of DIY {Organization}

Wow friends! It’s hard to believe that it’s time for another Dose of DIY.

I always have the best of intentions at the beginning of a new year, ironically for this month’s theme, to be better organized both in time and home. Each year I feel like I’m failing when I find that my time has slipped away and my home still looks and feels…well, unorganized! 

In fact it makes me completely crazy.
 Just today I was talking to a friend and we were sharing how much we appreciate a friend who recently heard about somebody that decided they were going to start recognizing the things they have accomplished rather than worrying about the things they haven’t, despite their never-ending to-do list. WOW!
 Does that sound familiar to anyone else besides us? 
I recently started sharing my girls’ room that I’ve painted, added board and batten to, as well as made a shelf and a couple of frilly banners for. I’m really trying hard to complete projects I start before moving on to the next one…I’m really bad at this.
Theirs is a room that falls under the makes me completely CRAZY category!! No matter what I do to help them clean and how much time we spend sorting, and organizing, it is always a complete disaster. It wasn’t until I took a step back and re-evaluated what the real issues were, that I realized that no matter how many bins, baskets and totes we have, it doesn’t make one bit of difference if things aren’t readily accessible in a realistic sort of way that the children can easily maintain.
That’s when my ideals and approach to the room changed.
We not only want it to look and feel clean…we want it to actually be and remain clean.
So I made a mental list of the things they needed to make their room more efficient for them.
The first thing on the list was to make the oldest of the two, Alyssa (who is seven) a shelf where she can keep her chapter books, and hang her purses, backpacks, swimsuits and scarves.
{You can read about that post HERE.}
 So far this has been a wonderful solution!!
I love success, because we know that what often follows success is enthusiasm for more success.
 The next real need was a place for their Lego Friends. This was the gift of gifts this last Christmas, so legos were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I knew this wasn’t something I could continue to tolerate, and it wasn’t working for any of us to trip over them and break them and then try to keep them on the dresser where they were in the way and falling all over other things. That’s when this totally awesome idea developed 
*double wink*
 I wanted something that could enable the girls to play one minute, and put it away the next. Anyone that has ever experienced legos, knows that they are not a toy you just pick up and put away. They are an ongoing project. 
Hey, I need something like this for my craft, sewing and building projects…
It also needed to have a ledge to keep pieces from sliding off.
Wheels were a necessity since they make it a whole lot easier to slide under the bed.
 I have to say, I really love my adorable model, she’s the spice of my life!
So, you ready to make one?
Here’s a quick step by step layout:

The board was one I pulled out of the garage (love that) that measures 42″x37-1/2″.
I had the casters on hand from an organizing tote I didn’t want on wheels. Even though they are plastic, they are perfectly smooth rolling for this project.
The primer was water based. I learned the hard way that if you don’t prime a board, especially one that has been in the garage awhile, it will bleed through the paint.
Also, before painting, caulk the trim and fill in holes to give it a nice finish.

There you have it!
Gotta say I love my little model. Isn’t she adorable?
Now it’s time to check out some more organizing inspiration, click on the links below to see what my sweet blog friends have put together.


13 thoughts on “Under the Bed Lego Board-Dose of DIY {Organization}

  1. I love this idea. My grand daughter has so many little “pieces” things that she plays with and this solution is perfect. I think I am sharing this with my son. Maybe her room can get a bit cleaner now also. Thanks for the great tip. Cathy


  2. This is a fabulous idea that should be marketed with LEGOS! Love that you painted it that cheerful green, the color of grass in a make-believe world. I hope you get a print made of the last (and charming) photograph. I think your daughter would love to have that when she is in the midst of attempting to clean and organize her daugther's room. It is such a cute photograph.


  3. What a great idea! I will definitely get a photo of my daughter printed. I love how they turned out. 😉 I never thought of marketing with Legos, that would be SO amazing!!!


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