Master Bedroom- My favorite spot of the house

A few years ago I came up with a plan for our bedroom. I was so excited, went to JoAnn’s Fabric and picked out some decorator fabric, laid out the whole idea to my hubby, and guess what. 
No extra funds.
Of course.
 New plan. It was time to earn a little extra money. Our bedroom set was workable. But I got it when I was in ninth grade and 19 years into marriage and 5 children later, we were over-due for something else. Modern just wasn’t my taste anymore. 
So I picked up a paper route.
I ran this paper route while pregnant with our sixth child until I had enough to buy new furniture (and then some).
They say the master bedroom is often the most neglected and last to be finished. I guess that’s been pretty true in our homes, but with a house full and so much going on all the time, I needed a place to call my sanctuary, where despite what was going on in the rest of the house, I could come in and close the door to relax. Equally important, is to have a place to rest and step away from it all. 
No chaos. 
No distractions.
Just Peace.
After getting the much needed furniture (that we still absolutely LOVE), I was able to pull it all together little by little. 
Through the last 7 years it has evolved quite a bit and because we are in the midst of the master bath renovation and redecorating the children’s rooms, paint has been on the mind. 
The bathroom was finally at the painting stage. I have gone from deep earth tones throughout the whole house, to more neutral and lighter tones. So I chose this oatmeal color for the bathroom, which was inspired by this beautiful oil painting I found on craigslist, and brought it through to the rest of the room. 
As soon as I saw this painting I fell in love. 
It isn’t just that it’s a painting of Paris, it’s the memories of the trip my husband and I took 10 years ago to visit and that we actually took a boat ride down the Seine river and most likely under that bridge!!!
It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect!
When I first saw it on craigslist, I imagined it was no bigger than 18″x24″. 
Then when I went in to pick it up, I was shocked that for $50 I was getting a gorgeous 31″x38″oil painting!
It even had a tag on it that told the history of the painting.
So I hung it above our bed and waited. 
I haven’t been sure this is where I’ve wanted it to stay. I mean, why do we buy art that we hang above our bed where when in it at the end of the day, we can’t see or enjoy it anyway? But time and time again when I walk into the room, I’m always struck by the painting. The walls weren’t doing anything for it, until I painted them.
A week or so ago, I found this fun duvet set at the thrift store for $12.99. 
Though it was the end of the week and the budget was tight, I just couldn’t pass up such a great steal.
My husband always helps me make the bed, it’s a chore we love doing together. It was fun putting this new to us set on. I love the light color. Blues and greens are colors I find very serene and love decorating our bedroom in. 
The set pairs nicely with the paisley sheet set I found at Costco last summer and my very favorite throw pillows in the whole house.

 I like to keep the bedside table simple. A place to put my earrings and hair clips at the end of the day, as well as a good book on the ready. A sweet scented candle is always a good idea, don’t you think?

On his side, I heightened the lamp with a couple of his engineering books and placed a dried hydrangea in a candle holder over a coffee sack table runner. 
The lamps were ones I fell in love with at our local hardware store years ago and waited until they were on clearance for 1/2 price when I bought them. I thought to replace them, but just couldn’t let them go. They are showing quite a bit of wear on the cheap vinyl leather on the base, but for now, we are okay with that.  
I love the way our room looks with the lamps on. Such a cozy cast of light.
I realized while writing this post, that our room has all come together with things that we love and mean something to us.
The cedar hope chest at the end of the bed is a family heirloom from my Mother. We store extra quilts and bedding in there. 
The quilt on the top of it was TWO DOLLARS at a garage sale. 
Come again?…
The silk rug is one I bought from Fred Meyer at a 40% off sale that we’ve had for years now. I just cleaned it in December for the first time. It cleaned up so beautifully.
The old shutter hides our ugly air conditioner that we are so grateful for in the summer months!
I’m learning that as you put the things you love together, you create something special for you and your family. 
Something you can love living with for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Master Bedroom- My favorite spot of the house

  1. Hi Michelle, love the painting! What a sweet reminder of your trip. We have not been to Paris yet, but on my list. 🙂 The duvet is gorgeous and what a fabulous price. A warm and cozy retreat!hugs,Jann


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