Project Challenge #2- A Clock Face

Hey-lo everyone!!! I’m so happy to be with you all! You’ll have to forgive me, I’m WAY enthusiastic today. Not only because it’s Project Challenge time again 
 but I’m also feeling so much better than I have in over a week. 
I hope you are all staying healthy. 
I think I was sick enough for at least 10 of us for you not to have to experience it too. 
Oh- how you appreciate your health when you haven’t had it for awhile! I still can’t yell talk very loud because my voice is just barely coming back…which is good, just ask my children, and I will take energy over a voice any day!
Well, to get on with things, this months challenge is a clock face. 
let me tell you…this was a hard one for me. 
At first I just knew what I was going to do. A clock face table. After all, I’ve always wanted to do one. They’re all over my pinboards and every one of them that I’ve ever seen, I’ve loved. So why wouldn’t I? But when after I painted the table and tried to move forward with the plan, I just wasn’t feeling it. 
At ALL! 
So I started a different project. 
And another one. 
Then I had three and was spinning in circles feeling very overwhelmed.
So I started all over again and repainted the table. 
Don’t you just love digging holes and burying them?
 It seems much of what we do is like that, isn’t it?
This was actually a good thing though, This table has needed a refinish for some time now, and I 
knew that if I didn’t do it now, it would be another long while before I did it. 
Once I started over again…things started flowing and inspiration hit. 
I love that!!

The problem with this old piece is that it isn’t real wood. Really. It’s like resin, mdf…something.
I bought it on clearance at TJ Maxx Home Goods 9 years ago. It has had to be fixed 3 different times. I’ve tried to find another table that suits the needs and use we have for this little thing, but haven’t had any luck yet. 
The last time it was fixed, it was by a wonderful retired friend of ours that is an amazing wood worker. I haven’t had trouble with it in the 5 years since.
As you can see, though, the thing has taken quite a beating and was looking rather run down.
Let’s start with the first “hole I dug”. 
I started painting it this grey that I mixed with some Country Chic paint Cobblestone and Vanilla Frosting. Though I loved the color, it just wasn’t right for this piece because of the chair that it would be next to. Not complimentary to each other at all. So I painted it with Dark Roast. This was perfect, so while that was drying I ran down to the Goodwill and bought this little clock. 
It still had it’s original price tag on it (not shown) at $29.99.
I got it for $2.99 and I’m telling you, it was built really well.
I say this because taking it apart was incredibly hard!
But I eventually got it apart and had the clock face free for my idea.
The face fit perfectly over the knob hole. 
Originally I was going to just use the face itself, but it is a hard cardstock type paper, so I decided to use the whole piece. 
And I love it.
I covered the drawer edges and lined the inside with old symphony music pages, using furniture
Mod Podge.
This table sits in our living room, which is also known as our reverence and music room. We do everything you would think of that lie under those categories; read scriptures, sing, play instruments. I wanted this table to reflect that. 
This is where the thought to apply a scripture associating with  “time” came about.
After discussing about three different scripture references with my Mom (who is always the best for project advice!) I decided on this one. It is a constant reminder that although things aren’t always the way we would like them to be, or where we want to be in our lives, we have a purpose and we should embrace the different seasons to find joy in them trusting that God knows the ultimate plan.
I transferred this with carbon paper and then went over it with a sharpie. This isn’t how I usually would do this, but the font was smaller than what I typically paint. I’m still debating re-doing it and making the scripture bigger.
Our (big) kitty waited patiently during the whole photo shoot. He was my third son Jeremy’s Christmas gift this last year. While I was laid up after knee surgery during the Christmas season, he got spoiled with my ability to just sit and pet him. So he follows me. He just wants petting time and loves to snuggle. 
So he waits until my hands are free.
Which isn’t very often.
(Sorry little Jangles!)
Jeremy and I thought he looked good with the new table. 
What do you think?!
Now go see all the projects my creative friends came up with by clicking on the links below! 
They are so much fun and inspiring!! And if you have any clock projects to share, I’d like a link to them in the comments please.
Love some good inspiration!


18 thoughts on “Project Challenge #2- A Clock Face

  1. This is so cool Michele! Now an old piece that was looking tired and worn is all spiffed up and too amazing to be replaced! I LOVE that idea for the drawer knob and will be keeping that in mind for future furniture makeovers!


  2. Michele this is a one of a kind piece you created here….love the paint color of the table and the little drawer with the music paper is genious!!!So glad you are feeling better!


  3. Love these!!! Here is my clock table project: Clock Table Makeover  – a purdy little house


  4. Thank you Robin! I feel like I always need a good week to recover after being sick to gain my energies back. It's good to have some creative motivation!! 😉


  5. Thank you Jill. If you do use this idea, I want to see it! I'm so glad that you chose this as one of our challenges, I never would have thought to make a clock into a knob otherwise! 😉


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