DIY My Spring- {My front porch}

Welcome to Hometalk’s DIY My Spring! 
We are so excited to be sharing with you today and have been looking forward to this for weeks.
Today I’m sharing my front porch. 
I know, I do it every quarter. 
I’m sure you just love seeing it, so here it is again. Haha!!

If you haven’t noticed… I love a challenge. 
The main reason being that with each challenge, I’m encouraged to focus and get something that I want to do, but wouldn’t otherwise do on my own, done. 
Such is the case with each season with my front porch. It is absolutely the last thing I think about…
until I’m coming home from somewhere and walking up my front walk. 
Then I think, “huh, maybe I should put the sled away and start getting ready for spring.”
So when I realized that the DIY My Spring was just around the corner, I got busy.
The truth is, I’ve had this “A” on my door for quite some time. I found it at Home Goods just after Christmas. Ooh-ed and Aah-ed it, then walked away. 
When I kept walking back over to it, I knew it needed to grace my front door. So I took it home, hung it up, and never looked back. 
It still makes me smile each time we drive up to our house. 
It yells hello to the street all day long!
Everything I added after that was based on our fun Monogram, the “big A” 😉
This is what our front porch looked like when I first decorated it. 
It bothered me though because it looked off balance. 
The statue and the chalkboard looked so small over there in their little corner. 
I don’t like to overwhelm things or over decorate, but it just wasn’t working for me. So I added a couple more things.
The frame around the chalkboard and the cypress tree from our Christmas porch in a square planter helped make the statue and the chalkboard stand out and not look so small.
Now when I come up the walk, I like what I see. 
The moss and vibrant colors of yellow and turquoise sing Spring to me.
The weather has been pretty warm for this time of year, but it will be nice when it heats up just a tad bit more so that I can pressure wash the porch. 
High traffic indicates lots of fun and business in our home though, and I hope that doesn’t change a bit!
So what have you been doing to add touches of spring to your home?
I’d love for you to leave me a link in the comments so that I can pay you a visit. 
But if you haven’t gotten started yet, how about a little inspiration to get you moving along?
Check out the links below or visit Hometalk and search for #DIYMySpring and leave a sweet comment to let us each know you stopped by. 
We love hearing from you!


17 thoughts on “DIY My Spring- {My front porch}

  1. What a welcoming front porch! Love the pops of turquoise and what a great Homegoods find (that place is dangerous lol) Linking up from DIY My Spring Cheers!


  2. I love your porch makeovers. The turquoise accent colors look so cheerful on your spring porch! I love the moss monogram! Visiting from the blog hop.Julie@ Love My Simple Home


  3. Can I come over? 😉 I have never really thought about decorating my front porch, but yours is making me reconsider. Your home looks so inviting and cheery with all your thoughtful touches.


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