Ultimate Recipe Challenge- {Outback Steakhouse} Garlic Red Potatoes

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to be sharing a wonderful recipe with you today. I’m joining up with the Ultimate Recipe Challenge today, where every other month we will be sharing original recipes we created including a themed food. 
This month’s challenge is… 
You guessed it, 
One of our favorite sides with any meat dinner are potatoes. Each birthday we ask our children what they want their special birthday dinner to be. One year, my second son Tyler, asked me to grill steaks and make potatoes to resemble his favorite restaurant potatoes from Outback Steakhouse. Wow! This was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. 
That’s when I created the recipe to these potatoes. 
They are a hit every time I serve them! Who doesn’t like a recipe that good?

So here’s what you’ll need:
8-9 red potatoes
2 tsp. chicken bullion
1/2 C. Sour cream
Johny’s garlic spread (I buy mine at Costco)  1-2 Tbsp. to taste
1/2 C milk

*WARNING:  Some blurry pictures to follow. I’m sorry, they looked focused when I was shooting them, I hate to share them, but thought knowing what products to look for is easier to remember with photos!


  Boil potatoes until soft when stabbed with a fork.

                                 After draining, place in mixing bowl and add chicken bullion

                                 (I buy my bullion in the ethnic food section in granular form.                                                                   I prefer it over cubes.)

                                                 Season with Johnny’s Garlic Spread.

Add sour cream. Mix, adding milk slowly.
Mix with beaters till creamy, but do not over-mix or they will be starchy.
Serve hot with your choice of meat and vegetables.
On this occasion, we had trout my boys caught. It was oh, so yummy!
Now go and see what all my blogging companions cooked up, they look amazing! Be sure to be enjoying a nice dish of something though, because if you’re hungry, your mouth will be simply watering.


9 thoughts on “Ultimate Recipe Challenge- {Outback Steakhouse} Garlic Red Potatoes

  1. These look fabulous! I have that bouillon (because my friend encouraged me to buy it once) and never used it. I'm so glad to hear you use it in your potatoes!


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