He is Risen Chalkboard Sign

This season has been so busy at our home with all the re-decorating and renovating that we’ve been doing, that when the girls asked if we could pull out the Easter decorations, I wondered what we would be able to find. 
The thought even crossed my mind that we maybe didn’t have but a couple bunnies.  
I was really excited when I came across this sign I made last year. 
I had forgotten all about it! 
Last year seems so long ago, so much has taken place since last Easter.
Since I obviously never took the opportunity to share this sign with you, I thought I would take the time today.

I made the sign with a scrap piece of  beadboard and lath, transferring the lettering with carbon paper and painting over it with white acrylic paint and a stylus brush. My favorite form of relaxation. 

Every year my husband and I try to focus and instill in our children the true reason for the celebration of the Easter holiday and what is so significant about it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fun tradition of egg hunts and dying, and candy with baskets of Spring gifts.
I chose this particular part of a beloved hymn in our hymnal because I love the reminder of the hope of eternal joy that our Savior brought through His sacrifice. I’m grateful that I have a true knowledge of the living Christ who rose again, conquering death. I know it is true because of the feeling this message brings with a surety in my heart. 
I’ve been enjoying the bouquets of tulips in our garden from my kitchen window for the last couple of weeks. Though it has been really rainy, they have brought with them a bright promise of sunshine and joy ahead.
This sign is a message that is simple, yet powerful. I had taken down the previous decorations, so the mantel was blank for awhile. I just didn’t know what to put in their place, this sign adds the perfect message and simple touch. I’m glad I waited for the perfect addition.
Happy Easter friends!!

One thought on “He is Risen Chalkboard Sign

  1. Michele,The sermon on Easter Saturday, where I went, was about how to re-find joy if one has lost it. The priest renewed everyone by baptizing all of us! Again! It was wonderful. Your sign proclaiming joy is perfect.Ginene


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