Furniture Refresh Challenge- Entry Chair

Hey-LO my wonderful friends and readers!! I’m so excited today! Not only because it is our second Furniture Refresh, but also because I finished a long awaiting project as a result of this challenge. 
I LOVE a good refinish, 
don’t you?! 
Today’s refresh was this beauty. 
It was a craigslist find a few months ago.
As soon as I saw it in the Free category, I immediately texted the guy and picked it up in under a half hour. I know a steal when I see one! I went ahead and paid the $15 they were originally asking for though. It’s pure oak!! They had posted that they had paid around $75 for it a year or so ago. I know some people would have just chalked it up to a great score, but I thought it was a steal at $15 and felt like they should make something for it.
 It was the perfect replacement for a chair we used to have in our entryway… that broke. It’s still in the garage to be fixed (for the second time)
This chair tends to be our “time-out” chair. 
Since it is really sturdy and in excellent shape, it was easy to leave “as is” all this time. However, nothing in my house is oak (unless it’s painted), so therefore it doesn’t match anything. Totally inevitable it would soon become a victim to my paint brush.  
Since the finish was still in really good shape, I gave it a quick sanding. 
I know they say chalk paint doesn’t need prep, but I like to play it safe cause I don’t enjoy re-doing things. 
Then I gave it a coat of Dark Roast by Country Chic Paint
People, this is one of the best paint colors EVER!! I fell in love with all of the colors from Country Chic Paint when I was a contributor last year, but after getting their fall line which included this color, it quickly became my favorite. Although it looks black, it is actually a deep rich brown with a green undertone, which I love
More my color. 😉 
After a quick touch up in places where the color didn’t cover completely, I left the chair to dry over night. I have found this to be the ideal way to refinish furniture. Letting the paint sit awhile seems to allow some curing.
The next day I distressed a little and gave it a quick coat of polyurethane.
I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out. 
Just as I envisioned!!
I’m also thrilled to have the perfect place for the ruffled pillow I found at TJ Max a couple months ago. Couldn’t resist the thing on clearance, but when I brought it home, it just didn’t seem to work anywhere. 
Turns out it was just waiting for me to finish the oak chair. 
 Now I’m afraid a time out won’t seem like much of a consequence for negative behavior. 
Ah well!
I do think I’m on the road to finding the perfect look for the entryway.
Wait, what’s that you say?! You want to see more awesome before and afters?
Stop on over to each of my creatively inspiring friend’s blogs and check them out by clicking on the links below!

5 thoughts on “Furniture Refresh Challenge- Entry Chair

  1. This is a great update Michele! I love it painted. I also love your burlap pillow! Thanks for organizing this fun challenge. I look forward to it every month!


  2. The entry chair came out really nice, Michele. Love that rich dark color you chose as the paint color. It was so nice of you to pay the $15 they were originally asking even though they marked it as free.


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