Project Challenge #4- Ticking or Burlap

Welcome to Project Challenge #4!!
This month’s challenge is burlap or ticking. How exciting! 
I have to admit, that these are my two favorite fabrics and I thought of several projects I could use them on. However, these chairs won out because they were purchased after I had made the commitment that I wouldn’t buy anymore to fill my garage until I had made a good dent in my project pile. 
Seriously though, look at that price tag, how could I pass them up all ready and waiting to just be finished?
So clearly, these had to come home with me and be finished and done, right? Gotta fulfill our commitments no matter who they’re too, don’t ya think? 
AND, in all honesty, I have been working on that garage stash as well, so technically, it’s okay…so I’m trying to tell myself. 


Once I decided to use the ticking on these, I knew right away what color they needed to be painted. I pulled out Peacoat from my Country Chic Paint stash. I used this color on a bookcase my grandfather built, so I knew that with some antiquing wax over the top, it would be the perfect color to coordinate with the ticking.
So after painting and brushing on antiquing wax, I covered the seats.
This is one of my favorite things to do. There is such big impact with very little time or effort involved.
My favorite combination!!
Since it was such a cloudy day, I decided to pull them outside for photos. 
I have been working at least an hour a day on our backyard. 
It’s coming along slowly, but is WAY better than it was two weeks ago! 
(I will eventually show the before and afters as I go.)
I’m loving my new pots and plants. 
I love the look of the antiqing over the distressing.
My Grammy was always a lady bug when she was alive, she always collected them, so whenever we see one, we say she is stopping by to say hello, so I could’t resist keeping her in this photo. 😉
My straw hat ended up hanging on one of the chairs. I love the way it looks with the chairs.
I loved these chairs from the moment I saw them, but they will be going to the shop tomorrow. 
Sadly I don’t have anymore room for furniture in my house. 

                                     Don’t you just love a good before and after?
Now, since this is a project challenge, I’m sharing with my fun and creative friends! Be sure to go check them out by clicking on the pictures below and pin any projects you love!


11 thoughts on “Project Challenge #4- Ticking or Burlap

  1. Thank you Lucy! I do love how the colors coordinate like they do. I have to say, I do miss parking in my garage. Great motivation to finish things!! 😉


  2. Thank you Mindy, I love that you had the time to stop by and see my latest work. I also love that Grammy gave us the special gift of remembering her each time we see those sweet ladybugs. I don't think she ever realized how much we would appreciate that when it all started. Only sentiments a close relative could truly understand. Love and hugs to you too!! *swak*


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