Happy May Day!

 I always think it would be fun to cheer up someone’s day by bringing them flowers and wishing them a Happy May Day when I see that May is making it’s entrance, but I always fall a little behind. I’m glad to see, though, that not everyone does. We had dinner guests yesterday, so while enjoying our company after our meal, we heard a knock at the door.

On the porch were these beautiful flowers tucked into our door mat with this sweet note.

I am assuming this was from our lovely neighbors across the street, but because it was a doorbell ditch, I find it hard to say for sure.

It was such a sweet reminder of how it’s the little things that can brighten someone’s day. Although we were in the midst of enjoying our company yesterday when this occured, the past three weeks have had their trials. Small gestures like these go a long way in lifting spirits for longer than just the moment of action. 
I guess the proof here is my writing about it today, all these hours later, while I enjoy the lasting effect of the beautiful flowers in vases on my kitchen window sill. 

The forget-me-not holds a particular spot in my heart because of a beautiful talk I once heard with this sweet flower as the symbol. 

(You can read or watch it HERE)
So now I just want to say, have a wonderful May Day, all month long. Because technically, every day in May is May Day, right?!

One thought on “Happy May Day!

  1. You are so right, kindness is always so special and a act of kindness goes a long way. The flowers are lovely.So happy May Day and Happy Mothers Day also.Mary


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