Furniture Refresh- {Pie Table}

Well what-d’ya-know?! It’s another month beginning so we are kicking off another round of Furniture Refresh!!! I have a LOT of furniture to give new life to, so I love this monthly challenge. It’s never hard to find a piece to re-do, just to figure out which one is “speaking to me” with inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, if you’ve never joined me for a Furniture Refresh yet, you are in for a treat! I team up with these other incredibly talented and amazing women to share with you. So you not only get to enjoy one project of inspiration with before and afters, but SEVEN! Who doesn’t love a good before and after, right?! So be sure to check them all out at the end of this post. 
Now…on to my project. 😉
I bought this cute little pie table on craigslist for 5 bucks. WHAT?! Yeah. When I tried to pay the lady a little more for all her help in finding her house in the Portland hills, she refused. She was so sweet and went to so much trouble to sell her cute little pie table to me, that I felt like she should at least be compensated for her time. She wouldn’t hear of it, there are pretty generous people in this world, and this lady is one of them.
Honestly, this piece was all ready for a new look. So much so, that it really didn’t require any sanding, regardless of whether or not I was using chalk paint. It was so worn and tired, but so sweet! I did think I was going to paint it white in the beginning, but in the end, it was just screaming to be a part of the spring weather and the beautiful colored flowers I’ve been working on in my yard. I just keep thinking of moss, and birds, and nests. 

So I pulled out this color I have from Country Chic Paint called Rustic Charm

Anyone that is familiar with my blog knows that if I paint something green, it is typically apple green, naturally, cause it’s my favorite! But this time I was up for something a little more mossy colored. It’s interesting too, because this color is so much darker indoors. The lighting wasn’t great in the house though, so that’s why I have it outside…
we won’t talk about the stepping stones
…or weeds.
Like I’ve mentioned before, we’re working on getting things in shape at least an hour a day. I fell at the end of the summer last year and tore my ACL, so the yard was in pretty bad shape by the time winter was done with it.

I just love all the details of this sweet table.
  The curves and grooves are perfect.

But I especially love the claw feet. Aren’t they amazing!! I didn’t try to polish them. I’m not sure I want to. I love the old antiqued look they have.

At first I wasn’t so sure about the color, but now I’m loving it! I’m still debating adding some detailing on the top. What d’ya think? Would you?

In the meantime, there’s nothing like a nice cool glass of water any time of the day, it’s my drink of choice…
especially after hours of working in the yard.
I love how it’s coming along so far.

We’re looking forward to 3 days of rain and then another week of sunshine and high temperatures. I do believe that mother nature has been good to us! 

Now, go and enjoy some more amazing before and afters by clicking on the following links!
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12 thoughts on “Furniture Refresh- {Pie Table}

  1. table is adorable. love the color of talked about doing more to it. You know me, I would sand it more and stain over it. Cause, that is just my blessedBarb


  2. I am so in love with this color! It is so charming now. I had no idea it was called a pie table! I love the little feet & would totally leave as is-so much character!


  3. Thank you Michelle, I hope the perfect person comes along and feels the same way. It went to the shop without anything else added…couldn't make myself change it! 😉


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