Project Challenge #5- Hanging a Birdhouse with a Pulleys

I will be honest. I truly just threw my project together this month. I know. Every single year around the end of school, there are so many things going on that it catches me off guard… like Christmas time…only much more unexpected. Then my head starts spinning in so many different directions, that I don’t even know which way is up anymore. 

Another moment of honesty. Yeah, here ya go, confessions…
Originally this month’s challenge was gears. 

I was very relieved when the item changed because gosh darn it if I couldn’t get the gears off the old bicycle I picked up at the antique store to do  my project with anyway. So honestly, there was a great amount of relief in changing to something easy I already had on hand.

Now, let’s get on with it, shall we?! 
I bought a couple of awesome pulleys at my favorite antique store a few months back and had them stashed away. Originally I wanted to implement them in my youngest son’s room that I just recently re-did. (I’m TERRIBLE at sharing projects!
Then my adorable little guy informed me that he didn’t want “anything rusty” in his room. 
Is he really MINE?! 
But okay, fair enough. Needless to say I then had these pulleys with nothing to use them for. It wasn’t until I decided what I could do with an old planter box I had kicking around in
 my garage (literally) that I realized how I could go about hanging a birdhouse with a Pulley!! 
 I love those “Ahh-ha” moments, don’t you?!   
 So I roped one of them deliciously rustic things up to a branch on our apple tree that is visible from my kitchen window…

 and attached the birdhouse I made from the old plant box to the bottom end. I truly wanted to string the “Feed the Birds” sign from the other part of the pulley, but it wasn’t working out that way. Rolling with the nature of things, I decided I liked this look better anyway. Sometimes ya just gotta do that, right?!
Now, I know that this isn’t the point of using a pulley, I think I’m going to re-adjust things over time, but this is my first experience using one, so anything goes right now, I guess. 😉
I do love the rustic look the old rusted pulley offers and compliments my birdhouse while hanging from the tree, even if it isn’t serving it’s full funcion.
This is the first bird house I’ve ever made!! 
I’m excited to share how I did it with you Saturday, but for now…
Why not scatter some bird seed and enjoy nature for today? Hmm? 
Now it’s time to go check out the other projects my sweet friends have to share, just click on the pictures below to see their amazing ideas…
OH…and see you back here Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “Project Challenge #5- Hanging a Birdhouse with a Pulleys

  1. Oh Michele this is so great! That pulley is AWESOME! I'm glad too that we switched to Pulleys because I wasn't finding any gears to use – much as I wanted to do something cool with gears – I bet next time I'm at a thrift store I find some – that's just how things tend to go! LOL!And I am totally with you on the end of school craziness totally catching you off guard. My week was beyond crazy! and my kids tend to NOT like the things I like – I think it's a rule of being a kid – if Mom likes it, we don't. I bet eventually your son will like rusty stuff!


  2. Michele, I love the birdhouse and that tree is just the best place to hang your art work on…..The moss on the tree is so awesome! I love how we all got to use pulleys we had already. The number 9 on your birdhouse is such a special touch as well!!!!! MUAHHHH


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