Summer Home Tour Series with Down to Earth Style!

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to be sharing my third annual Summer Home Tour Series!! 

I have a wonderful line-up of new homes to share with you throughout the summer months, and today, kicking off the season is Holly from Down to Earth Style. 

You might remember that she kicked off my first Summer Tour Season ever? 
Through the years, she has become one of my favorite friends and people, such an up-beat and fun woman packed with an amazing sense of style!! 
So look! She and her family just recently moved from Virginia to Utah, so she is sharing her new house with us today. So even though it isn’t completely summer based yet, as you follow her on her blog, you will see how her home evolves this summer while she and her family create new memories. For now, come on and join me in seeing all that she has done to make this house her home so far, Holly?!

Hello and Happy Summer!

I’m Holly. I blog over at Down to Earth Style.
Welcome to my home!
This is not my imagined dream home but the non-traditional floor plan has been pretty fun to decorate.

There are a few open spaces that are versatile, which makes it fun to switch around furniture.

Currently we are using the front room for our piano and a little area for the kids to do homework.

It opens to a sitting area where we read and enjoy the natural light that flows through.

With so many windows, it makes wall decorating a bit boring but luckily we have a pretty view to outside.

As strange as this may be, it’s very comfortable having the master bedroom on the main level in an open step down room. This was done for a temporary circumstance but it has worked out great. It feels like we are living in a studio or loft house.

If you hang a left at the foyer the wood floors lead to this great room.

Our kitchen could use some color updates but it’s a functional enough space. We have a large workbench set up as our dining table which backs up to a sofa and small den area.

It’s a small space for all we have going on in here but it fits a lot of people and it’s cozy. I keep my pots and pans on an open shelf to make cooking a little easier. I am a huge fan of the “we live here” look.

Two sets of french doors lead to this outdoor space where we love to grill out and entertain.

It cools off at night enough that a fire feels great. Some informal seating and a few blankets make us feel like we are camping in the mountains.

Upstairs has a nice loft area that looks down to the sitting room.

We keep it set up like an office.

Two bedrooms share one big bathroom space. It’s the strangest layout really but at least there is room to remodel something more functional.

There are so many ways that I can re-imagine this whole house…

But this season I am going to worry about enjoying the outdoors. No humidity and cool nights, that is one thing that has drawn me back to this place for years.

Thank you Michele for inviting me to your Summer Home Tour series.

So glad to have you back Holly and to see your new home. Thank you all for coming by and sharing this beautiful tour with me. Don’t forget to come back next Friday for another gorgeous Summer home Tour with Kimm Boes at Roadkill Rescue!

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