Kitchen Cart and the Vintage Fair

I picked up this cute kitchen cart at a yard sale for $15 last summer. It’s been sitting in my garage ever since. While preparing for the vintage fair I had coming up, I decided to finish it so it could hold things that I was selling. 
The before image is actually after I sanded the top down. I liked the way the bare wood looked, so I stained it in Dark Mahogany by Minwax and then  pulled out the rest of the lime green I had leftover from Country Chic Paint. 
I kept thinking I was going to run out while I was painting, and sure enough, I did!

I improvised with a little bottle of apple green acrylic paint and finished it up. Though the colors are not exactly the same, it’s hard to tell there was a difference. Touching up and distressing helped a lot. Though the knob isn’t what I would have chosen for the piece, it was the only one I had on hand that was long enough for the drawer. I really like the contrast the white gives with the dark wood and bright green though. 

 I won’t lie. The bars at the bottom were the most time consuming to paint, but way better than painting the drop leaf table I’ve refinished twice!

After I finished the Kitchen Cart, I rolled it into the front yard for pictures just before loading it into the Suburban and hauling it off to my first ever Vintage Fair. 

 It was a very hectic day and very busy, so though I’m disappointed I don’t have more pictures, I’m quite lucky to have the three I got there. I’ll try to do better next time (positive thinking that there will be a next time! haha!). It was a lot of fun with a lot of wonderful vendors there! 

 And I gotta say, I’m lovin’ the way the cart turned out!! I love apple green with all the beautiful sweet peppers, it’s so fresh looking and ready for the season, don’t you think?! 
Thanks for joining me. I love it when you stop by and share with me!!

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