Summer Home Tour Series- {The Rustic Boxwood}

Hello everyone! I’m a day late sharing today because my week has been so incredibly crazy, but I’m so delighted to bring you this week’s tour!! I have just made a new friend and I want you to meet her. She is so delightful and her blog is full of fun and beauty that is sure to inspire you!! Meet Katie and join me as we tour her beautiful home. 

Katie is the author of The Rustic Boxwood

(Doesn’t just the name of her blog make you want to see everything she has going on?) So enough from me, let’s get started!

What an honor it is to be able to join Michele and her beautiful blog, Shelstring, in her series, “Summer Home Tour.”  There are some gorgeous homes in this series, so when you finish reading this post, you seriously ought to check out all the other bloggers’ inspiring homes!  😉 Thank you, Michele, for this exciting opportunity!  Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Welcome to our little home in the gorgeous (and hot!) state of Georgia!  We live just outside of Atlanta, and I’m so excited to share with you a little piece of Georgia livin’!  We live in a cookie-cutter house on the exterior, but on the interior, we’ve made it our own.  Pretty much everything that you’ll see in the pics below are diy projects and thrifted decor….That’s how we save our hard-earned cash, and it’s what gives me the freedom to change out the decor quite often!


So come on in!  It’s great to have you!


When my husband and I first bought this home a long time ago (almost 13 years ago), everything was builder grade…from the carpeted floors to the basic cabinets.  But slowly, one project or room makeover at a time, we’ve made it our own.  We’ve torn down some walls, replaced the carpet with new flooring, painted the front door white, and added a covered back porch, to name a few.

As you enter through the front door, you’ll walk through our small entry.  Yes, it’s small, but our living room, kitchen and dining room now have become one big great room.  I’ll show you those spaces in just a bit.  But first, please notice the long window pane just to your right of the front door.  To provide more privacy, we hung a curtain rod and a long piece of thrifted fabric to give just enough privacy, while still letting in some light.  I’m all about as much natural light as possible, as I’m sure y’all are, too!  😉  You’ll also notice this thrifted frame that we updated with some metallic gold spray paint and then added some fun scrapbook chalkart.  And because I like to change our decor around a lot, I just used some 3M velcro strips instead of nails to hang this art.  So when I’m ready to redecorate this wall, the frame can be removed easily without any nail holes! 😉


Isn’t this needlepoint so pretty?!  It’s another yard-sale find from a sweet elderly lady in our town.  She made it herself!  This faux boxwood (in the vintage, green pot) is from Pottery Barn Outlet, and the brass, mid-century candle holder is another thrift-store purchase.  One of my favorite pieces of furniture is right here…this vintage, sewing cabinet-table.  You can see more on this beautiful, antique-store purchase in one of my blog posts.  (Click here.)


Just past the entry is our main living area — our great room.  We have 2 white, slip-covered Ikea sofas that we found on Craigslist, 2 tufted and distressed leather chairs (also from Craigslist), 2 white Ikea coffee tables that have been glued together to make one large table, and then side tables that are also thrifted — a bar cart, a vintage end table, and an old trunk.  I’m sure that by now, you’ve already figured out that I LOVE to find cool and old pieces for a steal!! 😉


Our gallery wall is a mixture of old and new, store-bought and handmade.  I wanted that “collected over time” look and wrote a whole blog post on how I accomplished that goal.  (Click here to find out how I did it.)


You see that beautiful, stately buck mounted to the wall?  My talented hubby skillfully got it while on our annual hunting trip to Kansas this past fall.  Every year, we pile the kids in the SUV and take a road trip out west to visit the Mr.’s precious grandparents and extended family.  It’s a special time, and we always looks forward to seeing everyone!

summertour11 summertour13

This dining table and cane chairs set is another thrifted score that we refinished!  You can read all about that project, including before and after pics…plus a major hard lesson we had to learn during the process.  (Click here.)

summertour14 summertour15 summertour19

This old, baby grand piano is the piano I grew up practicing on — day in and day out — during my middle and high school years.  It needs some serious tuning, but I still love it!


Here’s a view of our kitchen from the dining room.  You can read all about the remodel, plus see before and after pics!  (Click here to read that post.)


I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I painted a chalkboard wall on the side of one of our cabinets and then mounted a towel rod to the chalkboard.  😉 I love how it adds the perfect amount of rustic flair to our kitchen!  (Click here to find out how I did it!)


My wonderful hubs built all the cabinet boxes for our kitchen, and then we ordered the bead-board doors from a local cabinet shop!


We also recently remodeled both the guest bathroom and the master bathroom.  We love how they both turned out!

Here’s our guest bath… guestbath17

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of white paint can do to a room!


If you’d like to see more pics of our guest bathroom, plus before and after photos, click on this link, and it’ll take you straight to that post!

Below are some pics of our master bathroom.  It was recently published at CountryLiving.Com!  Soo exciting! (Click this link to read that post.)


And recently, I added a few more farmhouse touches to this room, and I think you’ll love it, if you adore farmhouse style as much as I do! (Click here.)


This bathroom is my favorite room in the house!  It’s our “DIY, Farmhouse-Styled” bathroom!  You can click here to read all about it and how we transformed this space under $6,000!

And the last interior room I’d like to show you is a little sneak into our master bedroom.  🙂  You see that headboard?  You know what I’m about to tell you, right?  Haha.  Yep, it’s a thrifted headboard, and it’s been given a total makeover.  Click here to find out how I used chalk paint to give it a fresh, new look!


Connected to the dining room is our back porch that we practically live on every night!  After we added the concrete porch to the back of our home, my sweet hubby (and his daddy) installed the ceiling and some fans to this space, which has become a haven for our family and friends!


These rockers are so comfy!  And that bar cart is an estate-sale find.  It’s slowly gotten more chippy and rusty, which fits in perfectly with all our other rustic decor!


Thanks again so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed your “online” visit!  Stop by and say hello on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Pinterest!  I’d love to hear from you!

And Michele, thanks so much for having me.  You are a sweetheart!

Thank you Katie, it has been such a wonderful pleasure!! 
And thank you all for joining us today, I cannot pick a favorite no matter how hard I try!! Can any of you? It wouldn’t be any wonder if the rest of her home makes it into one of Country Living’s magazine pages. I love so many touches that make her home so unique and am in awe of the view of the surroundings of her beautiful home! The one who is truly sweet is Katie. You will have to hop on over and enjoy her blog. There are so many inspiring projects and posts you won’t want to quit discovering. Have a wonderful weekend making your home your own, just like Katie’s! 
     See you next week when you join me for Emily’s tour from The Small Stuff Counts. See you then!

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