Project Challenge- Reclaimed Wood

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news…you guessed it, project challenge is back! 
Remember that this post includes projects from my friends to give you more wonderful inspiration for what to do with all that reclaimed wood, so don’t go away at the end, hop on over and see theirs too through the links provided at the end.
Fall is definitely here. I know it, not only because I feel it in the air, but because our big maple tree in the front yard is covering our lawn with it’s big leaves leaving a beautiful red and gold blanket. 
Also because it is pouring rain most of the time, which here in Eugene, that is what fall looks like. This made me anxious to work on something with a touch of fall. So I dug out some boards and metal spindle I got at the antique store and got busy.
This tool box centerpiece has been a project in the works in my head for quite some time. 
I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out!
So I know you wanna make one too, right?! 
Here’s the rundown:
I started out with this lumber in the garage that I had made a screen door out of years ago. It aged and weathered on the back patio for a couple years waiting to be finished before I pulled it into the garage in the spring. I took it apart for this project, resigned to the fact that I wasn’t ever going to finish the poor thing. 
You see the iron spindle from what I’m assuming was a staircase at one time? I found it at one of my favorite antique stores here and have had it lying around for awhile now. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for my project, I knew I wanted to incorporate this awesome piece. 
 I started by cutting my board to the size accommodating to the spindle.
 I sanded each piece because they were so dirty and worn.
Then I pre-drilled the wood so it wouldn’t split when I assembled the pieces together with drywall screws. (I use these for about every project.)They don’t strip easy and are so reliable and easy to come by.
I started by attaching the bottom to the sides first. You’ll notice that I didn’t put the boards over-lapping the bottom. I did this because of the measurements of the end pieces. I had to work with what I had, and overlapping the sides would have made the ends too wide. 
Next I drilled a hole in the top middle of the end pieces for the spindle to fit through and screwed on the first end piece. 
Then I added the spindle (couldn’t take a pic here since there was a lot of need for two hands) and added on the second end, screwing it in while holding it over the edges of the end.
And Voila!! 
I have me a long reclaimed wood tool box.
Originally I painted it cream…
I hated it!
I kept thinking I wanted the box to compliment the spindle. So I painted it this Country Chic Paint’s green color I had left over from my Pie Table
With a few hydrangeas, a pumpkin and a few twigs, It’s all ready for fall.
My pictures are a little dark because the sun has decided to take a rest and hide behind all the rainclouds. Our house doesn’t face the best directions for photography as it is, but I’m determined to learn my camera better, darn it!
To really give it a feeling of Fall, I tucked my Harvest pillow I found on sale at JoAnne’s in the back. This adds a little festive touch, don’t ya think? 
Last, I lit a candle, and I’m so happy with the results. 
I love the Fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. 
What’s your favorite thing about Fall?
I’m so happy to share with you today,
Now…let’s get on with the party and see all the amazing projects my super talented friends came up with, shall we?!

4 thoughts on “Project Challenge- Reclaimed Wood

  1. Hi Michelle, I am always sooo impressed when you girls actually build something and use tools….I am such a klutz !!! I love wooden tool boxed and there are so many uses for them…Gorgeous centerpiece!


  2. That metal spindle is the perfect handle for your tool tote. I have been wanting to some for forever! Thanks for the handy tips that will definitely help when I finally get around to making one or more. And green is the perfect color for it! ;o)


  3. I'm in love with the spindle touch. The entire project is beautiful. The design, color, and of course the decor! Pinned to a few boards. You knocked this out of the park! Love how the girls were involved. ❤


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