Rainy Days, a School for Birds…and How the Blog Turns

I’ve been preparing for this time of year for the last couple of months with very little success.
I’ve been working on projects to clear out the garage.
Organizing inside the house little by little.
Trying to get on a better cleaning schedule.

…but the rainy days have really started now here in Eugene and I’m not quite ready.
If you know anything about the weather here, then you know it will be continuing off and on for the next several months until Spring shows her bright and beautiful face again.
I’ve been really busy with school starting for the kids, volunteering there, starting school myself the week after them, and getting ready to start a part-time job.

Wait, did I mention that before…the whole my going back to school thing?
Oops…I don’t think I did!
Looking back on my blog, I’m not real satisfied with the overall consensus. I haven’t been consistent for most of the time I’ve had this blog. My life doesn’t allow it. I’ve been too busy and things don’t look good enough to share. When I look back to previous posts, I will say, I don’t think it’s very impressive.

I’ve been re-evaluating a lot in my life lately and have recognized things that need to be different. I have felt changes in the midst for the last several months during my Summer Break. And now here they are. That’s life. We go in seasons. So welcome to: How the Blog Turns!
A new episode of my life.
A phase.
A chapter, if you will. (haha, I’ve always wanted to say that!)

So…I know it’s late. But in the midst of all those falling leaves…
 is something I wanted to share.
Something I made in my “happy place”. Doing what I love to do best, which is creating.
Creating one of the things I found I love to create most.
Now I know it’s not the ideal time for me to share this piece of happiness to me.

But here it is. A School for Birds. They need one too, you know.

Maybe not very timely…I mean if you are looking for a project suitable for the Holidays. 

But for me, it represents so much more.
And I’m happy…
more and more as I prioritize and concentrate on what matters most, I’m loving my life again.
I’m Picking up pieces and going with the changes as they come.
So you will probably be seeing more of those changes here.
For the parts I’m not quite satisfied with, things are changing. In some ways that means elimination. For others, that means improving. Still, for what is eliminated, that means something new or nothing at all.
How about you?
When you re-evaluate your life, do you like what you see?

Have you seen my other birdhouses?

Here’s the first one I ever made. From Planter to Birdhouse, hung by a pulley.

Or come see the transformation for this Townhouse for Birds

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