Household Tip Tuesday-Holiday Clean-Up

We love our decorations, right? But let’s face it, once we’ve put them all away, the last thing we want to do is find that lone forgotten piece. Going into the Holidays is a good time to think about how to make the clean-up process easier, and to avoid forgetting anything. Especially at this time of year when each Holiday runs into the next. So I thought I would share a tip I’ve learned through the years to make things easier and lessen the chance of finding that one lone and forgotten item that generally presents itself as soon as you have everything good and stored in their proper place as you sit down and take a sigh of relief. You know it will happen. It always does! So here are my simple tips to make sure you’ve gotten all the decor put away until you need it next year.

Tip #1) As you are taking down decorations, place everything in one designated spot. Mine is the kitchen table. This keeps things up off the ground safe from small hands (if you have little helpers) and up where you can easily reach them without a lot of bending and kneeling (something I have a hard time doing since my knee injury) when putting things away later.

Don’t get too hasty with this step. While things are in the designated space for decor, go about your regular duties such as laundry, breakfast clean-up, vacuuming. During this time, if you have missed anything, you will be sure to find it, and can easily add it to the clean-up pile.

The most common items missed are those that are easy to accept in their new home. This time mine were a pillow on the living room couch, and kitchen glasses.

It took me a minute while adjusting the pillow during my routine clean-up to even recognize that it was a seasonal decoration. When we have adjusted easily, it’s common to forget something doesn’t belong. These bell spiders and spider web bowl were other tricky decor that I had gotten used to, similar to that ornament set neatly somewhere unusual during Christmas time. It never seems to fail. You’re likely to find something later on.

Once you have given yourself time to find hidden items, you are ready for the next tip-

Tip #2) Use storage totes that are see-through. I have a TON of totes that aren’t see through, and the labels have peeled off or the marker is difficult to read in my attic lighting. When I finally get the time to get the decor down from the attic to set up, I want to make it as simple and efficient as possible because I don’t know if I’m going to get another opportunity any time soon. I’ve learned to use see-through containers, mark them on all four sides with a label that won’t peel or with permanent marker, and then when I go to grab them, I can easily determine what they are by label and sight.

Tip #3) This tip goes along with tip #2. Buy storage totes that are large enough for your items.  For years I tried to make do since I already had totes on hand and didn’t want to buy more with varying sizes. The best way to store items, especially seasonal ones that don’t come down but once a year, is in a container of some kind. I learned that if I had a new item that was taller than the rest, I needed to buy a container large enough for it to store in. When it is larger than the rest, I store it as foundation tote for the rest of them.  Buying a tote large enough has been very helpful in subsequent clean-ups and has saved me a lot of grief. Once I have the item properly stored, I can forget about it and get ready for the next Holiday. If you don’t want to buy larger totes, reconsider when purchasing your holiday decorations as to whether you want to buy them or not.

Well, those are my tips. I hope they help make your clean-up process complete and efficient. 
Now, bring on the Thanksgiving decor, huh?! 
Happy Holidays,

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