Rainy Days and Mondays- Fall Tablescape

When I was a young girl…about 9, I used to sing to a record by the Carpenters. 
One of the main songs on there was Rainy Days and Mondays. The chorus included the words always get me down (you can listen to it HERE). 
Oh boy did I belt this out on my microphone connected to my record player. 
Am I aging myself, or what?! 
I played that record over and over again…
                           singing every song word for word… 
                                      …AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS.

Wow those are good memories!
 It’s one of the few records of those days that doesn’t make my heart ache.

You might wonder why I am bringing this up today? 
Well, it has to do with the fact that while the children were getting on the bus this rainy Monday morning, I mentioned it to Ms. T the bus driver.
(You know, the snowball thought processing effect.)
Though you know what? 
Contraire mon frère
About the Rainy Days and Mondays always getting me down.
It isn’t true for me.

 Rainy days and Mondays don’t always get me down.
 In fact, if the kids are going to school, Mondays are my favorite day of the week. Wait now, that didn’t sound nice. It isn’t because I don’t like to be around my beautiful, wonderful, amazing family, I cherish every moment. But let’s face it, when they are home— 
I am all theirs, 
pulled in many different directions. 
It’s just reassuring that when Monday rolls around, I’m going to have time to myself, to think and accomplish a few things without interruption. 
All by myself. 
Quiet house.

We all need that now and again, don’t we? Don’t you?Especially when two of those adorables came into bed with you during the night because of bad dreams and then one of them wets the bed?
I could have decided then that Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. 
But nope. I love them! 
No matter how rainy. 
No matter how Monday.
They are the perfect time to make a fun tablescape to make dinner special.
I love shocking them when they walk through the front door after school and work. 
They get so delighted!

That makes my day even happier. 

As I’ve been typing this post, I have been enjoying all those wonderful Carpenter songs over again. With all that singing….

I was going to be a bus driver when I grew up…
we’ll save that topic for another day. 😉

Source List:
Fred Meyer- Candle Holder, Table cloth 
Wal-Mart- Place Mats, silverware, stem ware
TJ Maxx/Marshalls- Table runner, corn on the cob candles, textured balls/pumpkins/fillers
Sweet Salvage (local vintage store)- Basket
JoAnne’s- Rafia
Target- Textured candles

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