It's a Tump-kin- Persimmon

I love the Fall. 
I think I’ve told you that. 
I love the colors, the food, the crisp cool air and the excuse to wear beautiful layered clothing with my favorite boots. Every bit of it. I’ll take it.
 In fact, every year I am disappointed when the weather goes from semi-warm sweater weather cool, to all out cold. 
It all happens way to fast for me. 
I love looking down my lane and seeing the change of the trees from green to gorgeous shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. I simply thrill and my heart skips a beat. 
So when we were waiting for the bus yesterday and my darling 10 (what, and yes, 10 years he is) boy called out to me from around the car and showed me what was resting on my car windshield, I was simply beside myself with delight! 
Somebody left us a treasure.
I have never seen one before, and I can’t fathom a more appropriate Fall gift. 
Out of a need for a name…while all of us moms and children there waiting for the bus trying to figure it out, I simply stated in a confident voice “It’s a Tump-kin”. 
It has a name. 
And I thought to myself, “even when I find out what it truly is, it will always be my Tump-kin.”
You know, like Emma’s Mr. Knightly. 
So, the Tump-kin. An introduction to something great, a cross between a scrumptious garden tomato and my favorite fall ingredient for any delicious treat being a pumpkin. 
So there. 
You combine the two and you have got yourself a Tump-kin…
 But the great thing about this day and age is the resources we have at our fingertips. So being the savvy googler that I am (haha!), I googled “a fruit that looks like a tomato and a pumpkin”
 and what do you know?! 
I learned all about Persimmons and how to prepare and eat them. So today I’m trying my Tump-kin-Persimmon a few different ways. 
 So now the true challenge is…
how far can I make ONE Tump-kin Persimmon stretch? 
And how come we don’t decorate with these all over blog land? 
I ask you!

One thought on “It's a Tump-kin- Persimmon

  1. Michele, In a global blog world, it is pretty hard to come up with something new. But, dang, you just did it. I have never eaten a persimmon, but I think I read where someone was described as having a “persimmon mouth.” I'll go read about them now.Ginene


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