Apples and Pie

Can you think of a better way to celebrate fall than with Apples and Pie? To me they just go hand in hand so Thanksgiving is my favorite meal to prepare for. The main reason is that I can go all out on
pies and no one complains ( unless I forget their favorites 😉 ) that I’m going to be adding on inches so they have to loosen their belts…including me.

One must have on the pie buffet is Apple Pie. So I buy all my apples at the end of season sale at our local farm and stock up to make plenty of apple sauce and pie.
I actually really enjoy the process, peeling all those apples is a time that I listen to music I love or watch a wonderful fall movie while thinking things through. It’s therapudic for me.

I use an apple corer slicer to cut all my apples into wedges, which makes the whole process a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Then I put them into a prepared pie crust and sprinkle with a flour sugar mix to make an apple pie filling. The Filling and the crust come from a Better Homes and Garden’s recipe.
I think the reason I love this process is not only because I love pie, but it gives me an outlet of creativity. 
A few years ago a friend of mine that graduated from culinary arts school, taught me how to cut out leaves with a butter knife. So easy! 
(Though I wouldn’t claim mine look better, or even as good as hers do.)
But they do add a special touch to the pie and take away the pressure when you roll out your crust and it keeps cracking or falling apart. 
I had a cookie cutter of a Turkey, so I thought I would add one to the center as a fun focal point. 
Glad I got some pictures before my family quickly gobbled it up! 
Happy Fall, 

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