It's The Little Things

Do you ever hold off buying something simple and practical just because you don’t want the same boring thing as always and want to get it to match whatever it is you are getting it for? 
Such is the deal with this silly sink brush.
We needed one and I found myself at the dollar tree thinking, “I just don’t want another cheap dollar tree scrub brush. Sorry!” 
*Yes I was thinking this, not talking allowed…like I often do. I have some pretty complete
conversations with myself. Much like the guy on Limitless…only he appears to have many of him while I am just me looking crazy all by myself. But in this case, I was just thinking, so you can be relieved, or proud, or continue to not care…whatever. 
Well, I just couldn’t do it. Then a couple days later I was with a couple of my children at Wal-Mart for a quick trip and as we were walking swiftly to the checkout, I saw one of these brushes hanging on a strip at the end of an isle…
Perfect! I love that it’s made of bamboo and is natural looking, not some crazy plastic color that doesn’t match my kitchen. Cause I’m funny that way, and honestly, I can’t help it. 
It matters, you know? And the funny thing is…I wasn’t looking for it at the time, but it was there and it was perfect timing and I paid a couple dollars more than if I just bought one at the dollar tree. 
But I was giddy with joy as I was driving home with my all natural style bamboo sink brush. 
Then I thought, it’s the little things. Right? It’s the little things that we usually find joy in. Not big expensive, elaborate, hard to attain things. But the little things. Now this isn’t really all about a scrub brush, is it. It’s really about recognizing that I don’t need big elaborate things to be happy or find joy, or appreciation in. But things like my dish towel says.  
The key words are Happy Kids. 
Because although I have my fingers in a lot of pots right now…work, being back in school, helping at the children’s school, church responsibilities and a shop space to stock regularly…
What’s most important to me is those happy kids. Seeing their delight, having their arms around my neck, soothing them when they’re scared, reading them stories, helping them with homework, teaching them valuable lessons like the principle of hard work, tucking them in at night. These things make me happy…like that little brush in my bag on the way home from the store. 
I love the little things. 

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