Furniture Refresh- {Spray Paint}

Hello friends! I’m glad you’re joining me and my Furniture Refresh group for another challenge! We have decided to go with theme projects this year in the form of types of paint. So get ready to see what we come up with each month. 😉

Today we are sharing spray paint, which actually turned out to be perfect for me because when I went
to the hardware store and asked for metallic paint, my regular paint guy (I should know his name by now!) actually suggested that spray metallic would be the best choice. He said it would go on more evenly. So I bought 3 cans of brushed nickel and prepped the whole area because… below freezing is  way too cold to use spray paint outside. 
                       Here’s my lucky victim. The previous home owners left it behind. So we have enjoyed it’s glorious presence for the last 11+ years. I actually didn’t mind the green too much. After all…
It blended in with the carpet. *oh hello and GAG!

This area I was working in is pretty open, or I wouldn’t have attempted spraying in the house. I also waited until everyone else was gone and the piece had plenty of time to dry before they returned. 
I know, this is where I flex my muscles and you stand there dumbfounded and impressed at my wisdom and skill. 
This is the best picture I have of prepping, cause apparently I must’ve forgotten to take a picture before I got to the final stages. Must have something to do with doing this projects in segments instead of all at once. You think?
*I apologize ahead for the poor quality pictures. I was doing the best I could with the very little lighting we have in the downstairs hallway.
Anyway, as you can see, I painted the cabinet black instead. 
Well, sort of. 
I first painted it the brushed nickel, but it didn’t look good at all, so I changed the color to black Satin by Rust-o-leum. The best part of this project was that since the spray paint is oil based, I didn’t even have to prime first. 
Then I stenciled an image I made using my Silhouette with an image from The Graphics Fairy. Love that website!
Next, I taped off the edges of the table and painted the insides with the ecru I used on the stencil. 
Then I set this flower filled lantern and bike on the top. 
And Voila! 
My somewhat masterpiece is finished.
for now…
There are a few touch ups I want to make that I couldn’t see with the poor lighting in our hall.
My husband told me to go ahead and pick a new light fixture and he’ll replace the old one. 
He also said it would be easy enough to put an outlet behind the cabinet. This will be so wonderful since we don’t have one to use a lamp there right now. 
What great news!
So, what do you think? Would you distress the piece at all?
Would you have even published this post with all it’s blurry tragedy?
Don’t answer that. I really don’t want to know!
Upon creating this post, I became really embarrassed about the quality of these photos. Like I said, the lighting is not only poor in the lower hallway, but it was also a very foggy and overcast day. I will be updating these photos as soon as I can get some better lighting. 
In the meantime, go visit my wonderful friends with their amazing projects! 
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