Furniture Refresh- Two Tiered Table Using Milk Paint

I’m so glad you could join us today for another Furnture Refresh! 
Remember, this is where I share my amazing furniture transformation, and then you get to go see all the other amazing refreshes my friends gave theirs? So at the end of this post, you will see all of their wonderful pictures and links and mozy on over to their blogs to see their before and afters. What a bonus, eh? 

I’ll keep this short and sweet, cause that’s the way I like it on a day like today. 
I loved this table when I saw it at the thrift shop. It has such style, and I knew from the beginning I was going to paint it black. It didn’t even have to call to me, as soon as I laid eyes on it, it was a done deal. Though it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks, it wasn’t long and I was excited to get busy on it. First I sanded it down with my rotary sander. 
Then I painted it with two coats of General Finishes Lamp Black.

Though I liked it, I felt like it was missing some character. So I took it back out to the garage for a little distressing.

I like how a little distressing brings out the details in furniture, so I tend to do a lot of that on my refinished pieces. 

I love decorating my pieces when I’ve finished them. It’s my favorite part to bring things I love together.

 To me, the bird’s nest was the best addition. 
It just reminds me that Spring is just around the corner. 
I don’t love the cold weather.
Maybe that’s why I’ve been painting all my projects black lately. You know, black attracts the sun so…warmth, right?!
I will say, this is one of the quickest makeovers I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed the process. 
Sanding used to be my most dreaded part of furniture projects, but now it’s become a time for me to just relax and think…
…or not. 
With a busy day like today. It was enjoyable to have the option. 
Now it’s time to go see all the amazing projects my friends all have to share with you. But don’t go too far away, I will be back pretty quick with a couple new projects for you!

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