March Madness- {12 days, twelve projects}

I’m going to spare you the bitter picture in your brain of what our house looks like after I’ve gotten the kids off to school. Frantic racing around while making lunches and breakfast, while helping children find their clothes and doing their hair. It’s utter chaos. As I walked back into the house after the kids got on the bus, I thought of how I needed to summons my cleaning help. I don’t have someone come in regularly right now, I can usually keep up okay, but every once in awhile… it’s nice to have somebody come in and help get you ahead of the game. Such is the case with my wonderful cleaning lady and friend! She’s seriously an angel. It is the word summons that got my mind to thinking. It took me back to the endless episodes of Bewitched that I watched as a child. (Okay, so
maybe not all of them were while I was child, heh-heh!) It reminded me of how Samantha and her mother would always summons Dr. Bombay, “Calling Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay, come right away!” If I remember correctly, there was an episode where Samantha had a bunch of bright dots all over her that wouldn’t go away…something like that. You could call that an emergency, undubitably! So here I stood in my kitchen, thinking of all that I need to accomplish today and all that needs to be done this week, surrounded by all the chaos and crazy from the morning, AND without question, the last 3 months or so since the kids have had a lot of days off, and thought of my wonderful cleaning lady and how I need to summons her. All the while so wishing I was like Samantha. Just a wiggle of the nose and it would all be cleaned up. Then again, where would it all go? Do you know? Possibly the garage. In fact. Quite certainly. For this purpose I have decided to take the leap and do somewhat of a March Madness. Not the kind that keeps life in utter chaos, but the kind that cleans up and organizes. The kind that puts your life back in order after the chaotic life storms. So today I’m going to share a cluster of pictures that could most certainly frighten you. They give you a small idea of what our garage looks like right now. Plus…I’ll include a promise that is hard for me to make.
Here goes.
I’m not going to purchase any more projects until my March Madness days are over. Yep. When we can park our cars in the garage, that will be the day I can buy another project to work on. But for now, I feel I have enough to go WAYYYY-hayyy beyond the month of March. So, fair enough? Want to see the first candidate?

Meet my lovely typerwriter cart. Where was this cart purchased, you ask? If you hang around here often then you probably guessed…my favorite antique store called Treasures from the Heart. I will admit that like most every piece that needs to be re-finished in my garage, it’s been there awhile. I won’t get into the gritty details, let’s just say I’m not really sure how long. 😒
But not to fear, that’s what this March Madness is all about, right?!
First off I cleaned that baby up real good. You know, dust and cobwebs. You see that beautiful contact paper?

 Awww, you thought that was staying? I’m so sorry, I thought it looked too easy to remove.
So using my trusy straight edge razor and some goo gone, I was able to get things cleaned up rather quickly. 😄← (gotta love emojis! lol)

 Next, I spray painted the cart in the back yard (yes, we just happened to have a sunny day, go figure! Love it when that happens.)
While I was contemplating what character this cart needed, I was thinking of all the homework I have been doing lately. That’s when the @ symbol came about. Everything I do seems to be associated with a website, and of course, well, you know how it goes. It’s used for everything! So I made a stencil on my sillhouette, made stripes on with frog tape, and used black acrylic all surface paint to paint it all on. 

I have to say that I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and it’s just perfect for my laptop.

 Now, bring on the homework! Right?
Love it when it’s all said and done though, not gonna lie.
By the way, happy spring! How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Are your daffodils smiling at you? 
Come back tomorrow for day 2 of my March Madness and see what I did with this print.
find out which of these projects I’ve got going next.

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