March Madness #3- {Latch Box}

Hey there my amazing friends! Welcome back to March Madness 12 days, twelve projects where I am sharing project #3. This madness is all about cleaning out my garage. We’d like to use it for what garages were made for, you know. Parking cars!  
What a novel idea, huh?
  Let’s see if you guessed yesterday which project I would be working on today!
If you guessed this wooden box, you were correct!
It’s about this time of year that I feel ready for some sunshine. I’m ready for warm afternoons and the perfect cool nights, where you want to star gaze and sit outside with your family enjoying the peace at the end of an activity filled day. I suppose that is what inspired today’s project and my working on this little wooden box. 
I just needed a little something with that coastal influence!
It all started when I picked this box up at the thrift store a few months back. 
When I first laid eyes on it, I thought what a great blank canvas it was. 
My imagination could run wild!
…and it did. That was the problem. So wild I lost inspiration altogether. 
Then I started feeling ready for warm weather, and it hit me. 
This box was meant to have a french coastal feel. 
Because it was bare wood, I primed it with a water based primer after a thorough  sanding.
Next I gave it a coat of white milk paint. 
Then I spray pained it with Krylon’s Aqua in a matte sheen that I found in our paint cupboard. 
(Not an affiliate!)
It was perfect!
Well… to be perfectly honest, at first I wondered if I should just paint over it in white. 
Color scares me sometimes. 
Not because I don’t love color, but because it seems daring sometimes. 

Even so, I decided to just go with it and roughed up the box a little.

Then I added a knob to the top and tied some jute around it.

 A little stenciling and sanding over that…

And I was glad that I hadn’t painted over the aqua.
However, I did leave the inside white because it needed a fresh coat of something. 😉
 I really like the contrast.


 I decided to paint the latch too after thinking about replacing it. 
Sometimes you just want to complete a project without having to run all over town to get anything for it. Plus if you saw our garage and craft stash, you’d definitely agree that the last thing I need is to buy yet more stuff
I think it was a good choice. 
I love look.
For now, this box is the perfect addition to our bathroom. 
We can always use more storage containers in there.     
Thank you for joining me on my March Madness journey! 
I hope to see you again tomorrow. 
Can you guess what the next makeover will be tomorrow? 
Come back and see!

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