March Madness #4- {A Glazed Chair}

 Hey! It’s been a productive few days and I’m excited to share part of it with you today for my 4th March Madness project! If you’ve missed the first three, you can find them at the end of this post. 

In order to really make headway in my garage, I’m starting to get bigger pieces of furniture finished and out. You can see a bit of what the garage looks like in this picture. It can really help you understand the need for order. Especially since I worked so hard on it a few years ago and it was looking U-mazing!  

 I guess you can argue that amazing has reached a whole new level…
 Anyhow, I sanded this chair down pretty good. 
Actually until most of it was down to the bare wood. 
Then I found this sample paint I had in my stash from Glidden. It has a little bit of a gray tone and is called husky gray. 
First I primed the whole chair with an oil base primer since some of it was too difficult to sand. 
Spindles aren’t my favorite. 
Then I gave it two coats of the husky gray.
To bring out the details that I love so much, I added some glazing.
This last week I had a pretty serious stomach ache and went to the E.R.
One sweet friend brought us dinner the next night that fed us the whole week.
Another took my children to play. 
Another brought me these flowers.
What a beautiful touch of spring and a wonderful surprise!
It turns out that I had a blockage in my small intestine. 
I won’t go into too much detail, but I am feeling very blessed that within about 5 days time it worked itself out.
The same friend that brought the flowers brought a platter of some delicious frosted banana bars over a few days later. 
*I will be sharing the recipe soon!
This was such a great service because I could only eat bland foods and clear fluids. My family enjoyed them so much that they were gone within the day. It’s a good thing too or I would have eaten the whole plate! 
At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the look of the chair. 
But now I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. 
Happy Spring!
 Can you guess tomorrow’s lucky candidate?
If you missed them, you can see the other projects here, here and here!

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