March Madness #5- {French Bed Tray}

Welcome back to March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects where I am cleaning out my garage!

Now, seriously, I don’t have the lofty idea that I will have the whole garage cleaned out just by doing 12 projects. But I think I could be pretty close. So I’m working my way up to the bigger things by first getting projects that have been waiting awhile complete. 
This little bed tray has been in the garage for quite some time, so I thought it would be a good idea to get it done. 
I have to say that I think some of my favorite projects are now bed trays. If you’ve never made one over, I encourage it, they are so fun with a quick satisfaction return.

This one was like a white board type.
 I guess it would have been fun to write messages on it, but I didn’t care for the style and had other plans for it when I bought it.
So I sanded it down to take away the sheen and
gave it two coats of Husky Gray by Glidden.
Also used on this chair.

And used my Paris stencil.
Also used on my Latch Box here, and Plant Stand here.
Just a couple coats of clear wax, and my little tray is finished!
I love the options of sitting it on a flat surface, 
or Standing it up over a lap.
I love how it looks with our Paris Canvas.
 You can read about that here.
So, another project finished, and just in time for Mother’s Day and breakfast in bed. 😉
Making headway on my list, which one do you think will be tomorrow’s project? It’s been long in the waiting, so come and check it out!
If you’ve missed any of the other Madness, you can find them
If you missed them, you can see the other projects here, here, here and here!

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