March Madness #6- {Vegetable Bin}

Hello my devoted friends! Today is the 6th day of my March Madness event. I have shared 5 other projects that you can find at the end of this post if you missed them.
I was pretty stumped over this project, so honestly it was in line as the first project and I am just finally able to share it as my sixth. Wow, mid-way through the 12 days and my little vegetable bin finally makes the cut! 
So here go the little deets….
First I gave it a good sanding. 
Then, the inside was pretty dirty, so I cleaned it out real good. I already planned on painting it all over, so a good coat of primer was important. This also seals out any odors (I didn’t notice any, but you never know) and any bleed from previous stains.
Next I gave it a coat of black milk paint. 
I wish I had a picture of that, but I don’t.
(darn it!)
 This gives the piece a little dimension and  character.
No matter how hard I tried to work with the top, I just couldn’t find a way to cover the taters etching. I didn’t want this and the onion etched in there to show since I want this bin to be versatile, so I ended up making a brand new lid. This was super simple since I had the right size board in the garage that I could just cut to the right width.

This is the real reason this little makeover took so long. 

Once it was painted, I was liking it a lot. I just gave it a quick sanding to show the black underneath.

To hide the onion etching in the front, I covered it with a chalkboard I got for under $3.00 at JoAnne’s using my 40% off coupon.
It didn’t look right until I framed it out with some molding I had leftover from another project though.

The knob and drawer pull are from Hobby Lobby.

 I like the way they make this cute little bin look important. 😊
Add some potatoes and our little bin is serving its purpose!
 Funny thing is, it’s smaller than an old potato sack.
Thank you for sharing in my fun here for March Madness! 
See you tomorrow,

If you’ve missed any of the other Madness, you can find them
and here.

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