March Madness #7- {Old Shutter and a Cotton Wreath}

Welcome back to my March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects!
The end goal for this event is to clean out my garage trying to use what I already have on hand.
Since today’s project lands on a Sunday, which is the one day I give myself to relax and enjoy honoring the Sabbath day with activities that are light and can be enjoyed with my family, this project is going to be simple. 
Do you love a good and easy craft as much as I do?
Well, old shutters are always a favorite of mine because they have so many possible uses. 
I bought these at my favorite antique store. 
I seriously think it was last year, but can’t tell you for certain. 
Although I bought them together, I decided to use just one. I was debating about this until I realized I only had enough spray paint on hand to finish one of them, then the choice was pretty much made for me. 
Anyway, I just took this old shutter to the back yard and spray painted it with a coat soft coat of green. I wish I could tell you what color it was, but I honestly don’t remember. It ran out halfway through the project.
 I used to think this sort of thing was tragic, but now-a-days, I find this a good time to discover something I never would have before.
While spray painting, the wood was bleeding through the paint. 
At first I wasn’t very happy about it, but then I realized that it was creating a pretty neat patina. 
The paint was able to go on all of the surrounding frame and then the outside edges of the slats. There were some sporadic spritz in the center as the can was running out. Then I took green leaf and filled in everywhere else and spot sprayed different areas. This ended up giving it a unique weathered look that I absolutely love.   
I don’t like to share blurry pictures, but to show a close-up of the patina, this is the only one I have. My lens is having trouble focusing, so it didn’t capture it well. I think you get the idea though. 
The splitting and separated look is due to the lacquer that isn’t worn off of the wood. This is what I think adds to the look so well.

While the shutter was drying, I pulled out a few supplies I had on hand for a wreath:
1. glue gun
2. grapevine wreath
3. cotton stems
4. white flower sprigs
5. jute
6. sizzors.
I started by placing the cotton stems evenly apart, dabbing with glue as I went. After placing them every couple of inches all the way around, I added a flower sprig to the base of each cotton stem.

I think this added the perfect fresh spring green touch.
Don’t you love how those flowers are paper coils? So neat, huh!
This project literally took me more time to gather supplies than to put together.
I had it assembled in less than 5 minutes!

  I hung it up in the entryway and love how it looks. I intended to take it to the shop, but maybe we’ll enjoy it for awhile. 😉

Now what am I going to do with the other shutter?
I guess you’ll have to come back and see! 
I’m so glad you joined me today!
Hope you’ll come back again tomorrow.
Can you guess what the next project will be?
Come back tomorrow and see!

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