March Madness #8- {Queen Bee Coffee Table}

Hello March Madness Friends! I know you were just dying to come back and see what I have in store for you today!! What did you guess to be the next target on my March Madness list?

I’ve just about finished this group off, so you had a 50/50 chance to be right at this point.
If you guessed this baby, you were right!
 I found this table during a quick trip to the thrift shop. 
It was 1/2 off that day, so I got it for $14.99.
Nice for pure wood, right!?
I have been dying to refinish a coffee table, so this was the perfect opportunity to do something nice. I immediately sanded it down to the bare wood. 
 Then I painted the legs with lamp black. I used my favorite brand milk paint by General Finishes.
I gave them a couple of coats while propped up against another table.
Next I painted the top using Seagull Gray.
I gave it a good 3 coats. I love this brand because it has a slight satin sheen to it, unlike most chalk and milk paints out there. 
(Not an affiliate, by the way, just love their product!)
After the 3 coats, I just styled it and took pictures…
 I was still debating whether I wanted to do something on the still blank slate.
 Then a few days later, it came to me. 
It needed a little vintage touch.
With Spring and all, I have been really loving the Bee theme. 
Don’t ask me why.
I made a vinyl stencil with my Sillhouette and stenciled it on. 
The perfect touch!
Don’t ya think? 
I’m so ready for Spring to be here. The dandelions are in bloom (begging for fertilizer) 
and the grass is green. 
Now all we need is some sunshine!
Want to see more amazing coffee table ideas? Click HERE and get some inexpensively creative inspiration. 
Come back tomorrow and see what I did with the last one on this collage’s hit list!

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