Furniture Refresh- {Grain Sack Bar Stools}

Hello hello! How happy I am that you visited me today. I have a special post for you today. I’m joining my beautiful and talented Furniture Refresh friends, and the theme is acrylic, so don’t go away before checking out their projects at the end of this post!

If you followed my March Madness Twelve Days, 12 Projects then you are aware that not everything on my list to clear out the garage got finished. That’s probably good in the way that I have something to share with you today, right?! I’m actually excited about this one too, because I’m thrilled with how this flip turned out.

I started out with these two bar stools I bought from a really nice woman who sold them on
Craigslist. They are solid wood, and let me tell you, they are heavy! The back on one of them was loose and wobbly. I’m guessing it fell over at one point because the screws had become loose in them. To remedy this, I used wood glue and then used my brad nailer to secure them from the front. This did add a couple of nail holes, but it is solid now and I think it will hold up well.
To start, I sanded them down really good. There were a lot of rough edges that were smoothed out. Next I primed them. Then I painted them with two coats of General Finishes Seagull Gray (not an affiliate). Something I really loved about these stools were all the straight lines that were so easy to paint. I have painted a lot of spindles lately, so this was refreshing!
 The back rests to these stools lent themselves to doing something really fun. I thought of a whole mirad of ideas, but finally settled on a pattern that just felt appropriate to this time of year. I think you know how much I love grain sack, right? Being that the theme was acrylic, this was perfect since I generally do my designs using acrylic paint.

 Just a quick tip. I have been painting with acrylics for 24 years. There are some really good quality paints out there, and there are some really poor quality. Over the years, some of them have changed to. I’m here to tell you that you get what you pay for. So if you want to pay the regular price of 1.00, you get 1.00 quality. If you pay the 1.50-2.00, you will get that quality. Let’s just say, it’s worth the extra 50 cents to a dollar. Ceramcoat and Delta are my favorites. Apple Barrel is wonderful if you want to just wash something. It is thin and runny.


For this project I used the Delta in Light Ivory for the stripes and added a little of the Ceramcoat in Black to my Seagull Gray for the bees. I wanted the same color just darkened up.

  The design turned out just how I’d hoped!

  As you can see, there is a rung missing on the stool to the left that I think I will be adding later. I wasn’t going to, but after finishing them, I’m thinking it would be a better idea and wouldn’t be that hard to do. I’ll post an update when I add it.

 What do you think?!
See you next Tuesday with another project, but for now,
 go check out the beautiful refreshes from my friends. They always do the most inspiring projects!

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