Project Challenge- {Doors-Part 1}

‘m excited to share with you for our monthly Project Challenge Today. The main reason being that the theme for this month is doors. I was was really looking forward to this project because many of the doors in our home have been in critical need of attention. 
A few years ago I got really enthusiastic about refinishing the doors and trims in our home. Little by little, I have been adding special touches and have tried to brighten things up. The wainscoting in our entry and hallways is original to the house and real nice quality. The color was pretty drab after awhile though, so I painted it a creamy white color. Though I did prime them first, I didn’t use the

correct product, so after quite a bit of use, there has been a bit of peeling. Especially on the closet door.

I really noticed this significantly one Christmas season when I went to take my Christmas cards down and the paint peeled off with the cards. 
What a sad experience!
I want to prevent this from happening to you, so I am going to share a few tips I’ve learned the hard way. After all, you want all that hard work to pay off, not have to go back and do it all over again, right?
TIP #1: Take time to sand-
The first time around, I admit I took the lazy man’s way out and just hoped for the best. I primed and painted in a hurry for a function at my house. 
Never a good idea!
I cannot stress this enough. I am the queen of trying to accomplish the impossible in an unrealistic period of time.
Just don’t do it!
It will be messy, but it will clean up and save you a lot of time in the long run.
Tip #2: Use Oil Base Primer-                 
In my early years, I was taught by my Gramps, who was an AMAZING carpenter, to paint with oil based products. The first few projects I ever did were oil based. Over the last several years, the paint market has discouraged oil based products for various reasons, whether it’s because they have strong odors, take a lot longer to dry, or are simply harder to work with, I don’t know. It’s quite possibly because many of them used to contain led. However, they are making a come-back and starting to fill the shelves in hardware stores once again. Especially if you don’t know the type of paint that was used on something, take the time and care to use a good Oil Based Primer. You will have much better success.
Tip #3: Know What type of Paint to Use for Your Project-

This is something I caught onto over time. 
When you go to pick your paint, make sure you pick it according to the item’s use. If it is something like doors and trim, a higher sheen is typically recommended for easy clean-up and a beautiful finish. I typically like a satin sheen in Behr for my walls because it has a nice low gloss look. However, I have used satin in Dutch boy without the same look, so be sure to check the samples for the different paint types you are using and ask the clerk what is recommended for your project. 
For the doors and trim, I commonly use a semi-gloss. A lot of  handprints get on mine so I like a finish that is really easy to clean. 

TIP #4: Add Beautiful Accessories when Applicable

 The first time I refinished this door, I spray painted the knob. I will never do this again, no matter how many wonderful posts there are out there about doing it correctly. There is simply too much wear and tear to not invest in a good quality accessory. Many knobs are the same cost as 2 or 3 cans of spray paint. How’s that for perspective?!
 Well, those are the tips I’ve learned over the course of time. 
 This post is actually 1 of 2 parts. I will be sharing the bedroom doors next time, so stay tuned! 

Thank you for stopping by today, I always love to have you and hope to hear what you think! 
Now join my wonderfully talented friends! We have some amazing new members in the group too, so check out their wonderful projects too by clicking on the links below!

4 thoughts on “Project Challenge- {Doors-Part 1}

  1. Looks great! I paint doors a lot for home and work. I really like Benjamin Moore's Advanced. It self levels which helps with smoothing out minor imperfections. Then you don't have to worry about using a bonding primer after your oil based primer so the semi-gloss doesn't peel off later. There's nothing worse than finishing a beautiful project and having the paint start to peel off later, I've been there. I love how updating doors can transform a whole room, can't wait to see the next one!


  2. Argh! The previous painters of my house did this on all of the upstairs trim. So of course they are peeling and I've got 6 doorways to sand and paint with oil based primer. I agree with Emily that BM's Advanced paint is a good product for doors and trim. I'm going to have to ask her about why it doesn't require a primer…Your door looks gorgeous now. I painted a doorknob once and it's holding up well. However, I don't have 24 children opening and closing the closet every day! That is a good point about the price!


  3. Your door turned out beautifully Michele! What a difference! Isn't it such a process to work on doors and trim? One of my least favourite jobs. LOL You did a lovely job though and the door looks wonderful.


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