Project Challenge- {A Picture Frame turned Dainty}

It’s sure been awhile since I’ve shared with my lovelies, hasn’t it?!
It’s been a busy and hectic few months. Now that I’ve started back up with online school, I am trying my best to balance life as I know it. I think I’m finally getting a grip on things, though  my cute husband has been out of town on business for a couple weeks now, and I feel like I’m constantly being sucked into a rip-tide. Do you ever feel that way?
It is really refreshing to pull out of the every day once in awhile and create something. This was the case today, so I’m joining my sweet Project Challenge friends this month and the theme is old frames.

I’ve had this old frame in the garage for quite some time now. It used to proudly display a beautiful portrait of Jesus in our Living Room, but falling from the wall one day, it broke in two and ended up in the fix-it pile out there.

While I was contemplating what I was going to make,, I took a look out there to find an old frame and there she was, all ready for me to fix and bring new life to. I did love this frame the way it was, but I had an idea and it was time to give it a new look.

First I attached “L” shaped brackets on the back to connect the broken corners and make them strong again. 
Then I gave it a coat of Ballet Slipper Pink paint and primer spray paint. This project required three coats so that it was well covered. 
During drying time, I gathered some supplies. Not too many needed for this project, so it was fairly quick and easy.
All you need is a staple gun, satin ribbon, 6″ glitter tulle, and clothes pins. I bought these short fat ones; perfect for small fingers.
To attach the strings of  glitter tulle, I tied a loose knot at one end,  stapled it down, and tightened it up. Then I attached the other side the same way, trimming the ends to hide behind the frame. 
Next I gathered the tulle and tied it with satin ribbon to keep from spreading out. 
See how easy?! Next was just to hang and attach the clothespins ready for a really dainty photo holder. My daughter doesn’t know that I’m making this for her. She asked for an instamax camera for her birthday and I noticed the photos were piling up. that’s how this plan evolved. 
It’s really obvious which corners were repaired though, they could use a little caulking. Perhaps when I caulk the baseboards I just applied to our master bathroom renovation we are finally completing! I cant wait to share.

In the meantime, what do you think of my daughter’s new photo frame?
I think she’s going to love it…
I do!
Now join my friends and see what all they came up with…you won’t be disappointed!
Curvy and Content- Suitcase Umbrella Stand
Domestic Deadline- Paint Storage Cabinet
Recreated Designs- Halloween Tray

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