Bathroom Tile Fix- {How-to}

Hello and welcome! Thanks for joining me as I work on checking off some items on my to-do list! 
I am very excited about sharing this long awaited project with you.
Well, actually, to be honest I’m just really happy to have it done.

I really don’t remember when it happened, but my sweet girls were playing and had their hands under the tile on the edge of the counter one day, just rocking forward and back, and along came the tiles, one right after the other in their hands. I was standing right there and saw the whole thing, so the account isn’t even hearsay. 😉
The poor girls were astonished and stopped immediately, but once one tile had come, the others just started coming too.
I just set them aside and decided to come back to them later. This and the master bath renovation (which will come later) were the reasons I chose tile as one of the materials to use this year. 
Since this has been on the back-burner for so long, it became the month to get it done. I decided it was time to fix a long awaiting project on the to-do list, and set to work. 
 Tile can be intimidating to some, but honestly, I started my first project years ago in our last house when we finished our basement. I tiled the bathroom and my craft room floor after my husband encouraged me to take a class at Home Depot one Saturday. So there, now you see that I’m a professional! 😉
First you mix up your mortar so that it’s spreadable.
 This was a bit too thick, so I took it off and remixed the batch with a little more water to make it more workable. It should be thick enough that you can spread it on smoothly and will stay when you adhere it to the surface, but not so thick that it clumps together when you are scoring it. If it is slipping or running, you know it is too thin and need to mix in more mortar. 
 After spreading the mortar on, you score it with the edge of the notched tiling float tool. There are different sizes for the various needs of the project. I just used what I have on hand for our shower project, but this gives you the idea anyway.
 Next, I spread the whole surface with mortar. 
After scoring that as well, I set the tiles using spacers. These are 3/8″ spacers. Pretty standard, but chosen according to the grout size you want between tiles.
After a couple of hours or over night (according to package directions), you fill in the tiles with a matching grout. Luckily I had the right color on hand from a previous project. (Which was probably  my kitchen back-splash)
 Once the grout is dry, you can seal it and  check that off your ever long list of to-dos,
 and move on. 
 It’s funny how I put things off so long. They aren’t really that hard either. The burden of having them hang over my head just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m getting better about just doing what needs to be done as soon as it demands my attention, but I find myself pulled in so many directions that it isn’t always possible. 
I hope this helps you tackle that tile project you’ve been putting off. It’s so much simpler than it seems and is always so gratifying! 

6 thoughts on “Bathroom Tile Fix- {How-to}

  1. I have never tiled anything . I think you did very well on your vanity. I have often thought I would love to break up some china and tile an old tray. LOL. Maybe I should…just to be able to , “yes, I have tiled before. ” :):) Blessings to you young lady, xoxo, Susie


  2. I'm glad you came by then! I think you will find it so much easier than you thought and hope you find great satisfaction. The results are always worth the work! 😉


  3. If you tried it, you would be amazed at how simple it is. Though I understand, when I started I was too stupid to be intimidated…probably a good thing? haha! 😉


  4. That is an excellent way to get your feet wet, Susie! Let me know when you do it so I can see your amazing work of art. I saw a kitchen wall sample with a teacup in it before at a home depot. I have always wanted to try that myself. 😉


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