The Perfect cupboard

Happy Spring! 
Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? I did fall out of blogland for a bit. It just couldn’t be the priority with all that has been going on this past year. I know that some people blog through life’s “rain or shine moments”, so to speak. I used to be that blogger. But needing to simplify and re-prioritize my life made me realize that I needed a bit of a break. I pushed many things off my plate and will be sharing all the events that took place on my Mommy Bug blog. You can catch up there-where I share my personal and family life, but here, we are going to catch up on all the projects I’ve been doing. 
Yeah, don’t think for a second I wasn’t still doing anything…after all, it’s because of all I’ve been doing that made it impossible to share it all on my blog and simplify at the same time. 
What I want to share today is this cupboard I painted for a tole painting class YEARS ago…back in ’94 while expecting my first child (he’s 25 now…). 
Everyone took tole painting classes back then. I will say I did an awesome job! 
While wanting to update this cupboard so I could still use it, (let’s just admit now that it’s seen better days!), but learning from my children how they would miss this sentimental piece that we’ve had hanging above their toilet for all their lives, I racked my brain on how I could keep the painting in tacked, but still modify it. 

Finally, one day, it occurred to me that rather than painting over it, I could cover it up with the possibility of one day uncovering it again if I wanted to! So I began by removing the hardware and painting the whole cupboard, using snow white by General Finishes.
I had to use several coats (which is why starting with a primer is recommended…).

After about 3 coats, I was ready to add the solution. Galvanized sheet metal which I had left over from when I finished the downstairs game cupboards (you can see that post HERE).

I basically used the same method by cutting out a piece of metal to fit, then creating a frame out of a simple straight, thin molding.

After I nailed the trim on, the cupboard was complete. I re-attached the hinges and hung the cupboard.
I added some magnets the children made that I’ve collected over the years.
They really add to the theme…So cute!
This is a great place for them to store their fun bath scrubs and supplies and a few rolls of toilet paper for easy access. This way no one gets stranded waiting for some passerby to supply them with some paper. When we clean, we just make sure there is a stock up there. 
We are all really happy with how it turned out. 

                                            It is so refreshed and chipper, just in time for summer.

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