New to WordPress

So, I am new to WordPress. I am slowly getting the hang of it, so you’ll see my blog evolve as I catch on. For now, though, I just needed to get the ball rolling and carry on. A few months ago I found myself at a place in my personal life that made me feel like I needed an outlet. That’s when I reached out to my extremely talented Sister-in-law and asked her to help me update the appearance of my blog. Like always, she not only came through, but in a way that exceeded my expectations! I love the design and am grateful she is able to catch the vision I have and build upon it. Here I will continue to share my heart through the projects I do and the process of making our new house of just over 2 years, into a home. It has been quite a process already and always takes time to establish what will work, and what won’t. How to add my personal style and build on it, as well as work on how it is evolving. You’ll understand, if you don’t already, what I mean by this as you come back to visit. For now, thank you for visiting.

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