21 days till Christmas

Today I made one of many more to come headbands for Amy! She only has pink and needs a bigger variety and larger bows since she is getting so big. I had a friends ask how I make them, so here is the tutorial:
                                                        All you need is stretchy fabric, ribbon of your choice, thread, needle andscissors. (I did use my machine to speed things up a bit). This bolt of fabric was FIVE DOLLARS at Wal-mart one day, so I got 2 bolts; white and pink.
Cut a piece of the fabric to measure 1/2 larger than size of head to fit
zig zag stitch together
fold under both sides into wrong side of band to cover seam

baste stitch to gather

wrap thread around and secure with a stitch and knot it.

sew on bow or flower and Voila!
pictures of Amy wearing it to come 🙂

22 days of Christmas

                  I went to a quick class this summer where they taught us how to make these cute flower rings:

 I decided to make a few of them for gifts this year. They are really fun to wear and super cute! Especially a great idea for little girl a top a gift, in a stocking, or as a clip in her hair for a festive look. Here’s how to make them:

                                               Cut out various designs and colors with a flower punch

Crinkle paper and then punch a hole in the center of all layers (4or5 depending on desired fullness)

                                                              the more crinkled the better

                                                                          put a brad in the hole

                                                    tack a pin back…

a ring base or hair clips to the back  

               Aren’t Alyssa’s new hair clips adorable? I think I’ll make a head band for Amy and a pin for me 😉                                            
                                                       Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

23 days till Christmas

                                          (yesterday’s craft)

I got the idea from a friend’s blog to make aprons as gifts. I didn’t have a pattern that I liked so I made up my own. 

Won’t it look great while she’s wearing these?
I had a lot of fun with this…and I’m not telling who it’s for! *wink*

Also, I made a couple pies for Book Group refreshments since I was hosting last night.

I didn’t get a shot of the before, but I reallyliked the way the Apple Pie turned out, I’de always wanted to do this weeve design, but hadn’t really gotten the opportunity. It was really fun to do with the kiddos (even though they ate more than helped 😉

And of course it’s really good a la mode!

This is the best homemade pie crust I’ve ever found (sitting in the dr’s office waiting for my blood draw-isn’t that always the way?!)
For the recipe click here!

Show me what you’ve been doing!


24 days of Christmas

I decided I wanted to make more of my gifts for giving this year since I tend to get lazy and just buy everything. I’m hoping this will keep me: a) within the budget my husband & I set for gift giving  b) accomplishing things that have been needing to be accomplished for quite some time c) make gift giving this year a little more meaningful to me, since it typically means more to both the giver and reciever when you put yourself into what you give. AND d) allowing me to enjoy this season that much more through the fun of doing these things. For the listed reasons, my “24 days of Christmas Crafts” came to be.

My hope in sharing this, is that what I’m doing will inspire and get you excited about this season as well as your giving me ideas of your own!

*Note: Some of these crafts/gifts will have tutorials (or at least a link to one) some of them won’t. None of these things are meant to be stressful and frenzied.

Even though I am posting the first one a day late, I did do it Dec. 1st. It was just way late by the time I decided to go to bed and I just didn’t feel like I had the stamina to do a post that late.  So here’s my 24 days till Christmas craft
                                                                      Flower Pin

                                                Sorry about the lighting…it was late and I’m having trouble with the lighting on my camera, but here is a tutorial. I always wondered how to make these myself:

Make a flower pattern and cut out six

                                         overlap flowers so that they make a swirl affect and pin into position

Sitch a large basting stitch in a circle in the center

\Pull so flower gathers on underside. Wrap thread around several time and stitch into position

  Tack on a pin, voila! 
 what took the most time for this one, was cutting out the flower
Total time: approx. 1/2 hour

Ideas for gift giving:

Wouldn’t these be great gifts?

Remember to fluff your flowers. I did that after I took these pix (unfortunately!).

Happy Crafting!

What I Wore Wednesday

Here I am with my 4th week of “What I Wore Wednesday” I’m linking up to the Pleated Poppy. If you have never tried this, it’s fun! Check out what other women are doing. It isn’t that I love taking pictures of myself, it just helps me to remember to get dressed into something I wouldn’t mind people seeing me in during the day! I used to do this on my family blog, then switched once my boutique opened up. Catch my “what they say Wednesdays” (the reason I switched) over on my Mommybug blog if you are interested. Have a fun day!!!

Thanksgiving- Ran the Turkey Stuffer (irst 5K EVER!!!)
Cooked dinner for 23 people (don’t have pic of self)
hat: K-mart forever ago
fleece sweatshirt: Wal-mart??? (years ago)
Shirt: old…guessing wal-mart
pants- Big 5
Shoes-wally world


Fri- Black Friday Shopping, much needed nap & Anniversary celebration!
Top: Chico’s
Vest: Ross
Pants: White House/Black Market
earrings- gem faire  
Boots-Target (SO comfy!)


      Friday night- Anniversary Dinner (19 beautiful years!)
           Sweater & Petal Cami: Downeast Basics
   Skirt: Ross
     Boots: JCPenny (not shown)
       Tights: silkies (not shown)


Saturday: Recovery Day
Top: Chico’s
Pants: Forever 21
Chunky Watch: Coming Soon to Shelstring


Sunday: Church
Cardigan: don’t remember
Layer T: Downeast basics
Cami: Local Shop
Skirt: Ross
Tights: Silkies
Shoes: ???
Necklace & watch: Shelstring

Skipped Monday
Tuesday: Toilet training 2 y.o. & cleaning-El Naturel!
Layer T.: Downeast Basics
Black Top: Forever 21
Shoes: ???
Hope you’ll join us next week!


Oh…I was SO excited ALL DAY for this. It was a good thing that I had a little one in training today, because it kept me focused on something else or I would have otherwise gone completely silly. (Those who know me well, know that’s true.) So we paused our movie “A Christmas Carol” by Disney (which I HIGHLY recommend) starring James Carrey (who was incredible using his talent the way he should) to do the drawing—-blah blah blah blah blah!!!  Get on with it! Right?

Let me get my assistants. (too nervous to do it myself, plus if I’m not behind the camera, who can I blame for the poor quality of the pictures?!)

And the winner is….

DRUMROLL PLEASE!……………………………….. 

None other than the Lovely:

She said, “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!
I don’t know you but you are so very familiar to me!! (are you in sc2 ward? or at least scstake?)
Were you at the Boundary Change meeting tonight sitting in the very back pew? Because if that was you, I was sooooo admiring your watch!!!! NOT EVEN KIDDING! How small world of a story is THAT!?!?


Ok… so obviously I’d love a chunky watch. So cool!!”

Congratulations Rachel! You have won yourself a chunky watch!! Just e-mail me to claim your prize!!
For Rachel and Everyone else, you have won a 15% discount off your total purchase. That is big, because I have never offered a discount. Especially at this rate, and never without a minimal purchase required. So enjoy some Christmas shopping and/or send others by with that wish list! You just might make someone’s Christmas extra special or find something at the toe of your stocking…something light, sparkly, and oh so origionally yours! Just contact me to activate this discount.
Happy shopping…oh,and by the way—
I think I’m in the mood for another giveaway here soon!
Isn’t Christmas fun!?! *wink*


I keep thinking about the drawing and getting this excited nervous feeling inside all at the same time.What will I be giving away? The fiesta necklace, clearly, something big and chunky? I’m wishin’ you could ALL win!!! I’m nervous! mostly excited. Can you believe it? Why am I nervous? Silly.

I’m also thinkin’ it’s hard to believe how quickly Thanksgiving week went! Did it actually happen? It seems the older we get and the more children we have, the faster time flies and the more important what we do with that time matters.

Oregon hasn’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of a complete week off for Thanksgiving break, so we are still not able to go visit family for the Holiday and are getting more creative every year on what we do and who we invite to our feast. This year we had 25 people at our house and it was WONDERFUL! We started off the day with the younger part of the family supporting me at the Turkey Stuffer (my first 5K run ever!)while the older boys tore up the field at the annual Turkey Bowl. Nothing like Thanksgiving morning exercise before a big feast to make you think you can eat more than you really should.

my lucky number
           sportin’ the t-shirt!
Probably for other people, this would help them keep their eating in check. But for me, it gave me a good excuse to have that extra serving of pie! I don’t think I really ran off enough calories to burn 3 pieces of pie…especially since I overstuffed on the stuffing and turkey. But oooohhhhh boy did I enjoy it! Yep, every bite. I look forward to that stuffing all. year. long. No kidding! Today I’m pretending weight and scale don’t exist. I don’t want to know. For now, I’m just looking forward to finding out who will be the big winner in my grand opening drawing, and concentrating on keeping my 2 year old dry. You guessed it. The greatest part of parenting small children. Toilet training. *sigh* As well as catching up on mounds of laundry. *word of the wise* Never go a day with a family larger than 4 without doing at least one load of laundry!
girl in training
So! Good luck to all of you that have entered and are going to enter the Grand Opening Giveaway. Here’s a peak at what’s coming to my boutique!
That’s right! Big and Chunky
watches bands, 
bracelets, necklaces and chunky gems & stone jewelry

See ya tonight,

We're Open!

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Thank you for stopping by! I am SO EXCITED to have you here and hope you love what you see. I look forward to serving you and encourage you to stop in frequently because we are always adding new pieces. So, if you don’t see what you are looking for now, you may tomorrow! 

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Be sure to check in to see if it is you. Good luck!!



Here I am today  for my GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY and linking to The Pleated Poppy for “what i wore wednesday”!

Here is what I wore, (does taking this many pictures of yourself ever get easier?) but be sure to visit the grand opening post to know how to enter the giveaway drawing! I can’t wait to send somebody a beautiful handmade gift and package in the mail. So be sure to enter because:
 It could be YOU!

Okay, one thing I have never claimed is that my pictures are great photography material. You would think I could at least learn about the red eye reduction. Sheesh!
leather coat: Ross (years ago)
turtle neck sweater: thrifted
earrings: chico’s
pants: Ross
Son (shown for weather wear contrast)-guess who is appropriately dressed for the weather?
Sports Shirt: Emerald little league (comes with sign up and registration) *pth*
sport thorts: Champs

Saturday: workday–3 hours of LEAF BLOWING!! man did I ache the next day, my running sure hasn’t trained me for this!!
Gorgeous I know, so here’s the scoop:
sweatshirt: wal-mart fave
long sleeve tee: Motherhood maternity (just can’t let it go, huh?!)
sweats- either Wal-Mart, Ross or Fred Myer…so old who knows?
socks: Wal Mart
Tennis: not shown, but right in front of me and oh, so dirty- Wal-mart
Baby: The weight I’m still working off and worth EVERY BIT!!
Sunday: Church
3/4 tee: Downeast Basics
Cardigan: Downeast Basics
Skirt: Ross
tights: Silkies
Boots: JCPenny
Chunky Watch: Shelstring
Monday: Getting Sick!
Cardigan: Target
Layer Tee: downeast basics
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: White House Black Market
Chunky watch and earrings: Shelstring


Tuesday: Sick, snow day and working on jewelry site
Lace Cami: Downeast Basics
Pink long sleeve shirt: Ross
Grey Sweater: Utah Shop
Shoes: ??? (old)
Necklace: J Jill
earrings to match: Shelstring 
Do you need a piece of jewelry matched? contact me 
Adorable girl’s pj’s: Wal Mart