Furniture Refresh-{Snow White Night Stand}

Life has been crazy busy around here, but I have managed to get a few things done,  squeezing in a sanding down here,  a coat of paint in there, a quick trip for hardware between jobs and running kids around. The payoff is worth it, but posting about them all is a trick.I’m very thankfulContinue reading “Furniture Refresh-{Snow White Night Stand}”

Project Challenge- {A Picture Frame turned Dainty}

It’s sure been awhile since I’ve shared with my lovelies, hasn’t it?!It’s been a busy and hectic few months. Now that I’ve started back up with online school, I am trying my best to balance life as I know it. I think I’m finally getting a grip on things, though  my cute husband has beenContinue reading “Project Challenge- {A Picture Frame turned Dainty}”

Furniture Refresh- {Chalkboard Paint}

Hello Everyone, just a quick project and welcome to another furniture refresh challenge! This month it’s just two of us. My awesome friend Michelle at Michelle James Designs is linking up with me. Our theme this month is chalkboard paint, and believe it or not…it was a real challenge for me! For the life ofContinue reading “Furniture Refresh- {Chalkboard Paint}”

Furniture Refresh- {Grain Sack Bar Stools}

Hello hello! How happy I am that you visited me today. I have a special post for you today. I’m joining my beautiful and talented Furniture Refresh friends, and the theme is acrylic, so don’t go away before checking out their projects at the end of this post! If you followed my March Madness TwelveContinue reading “Furniture Refresh- {Grain Sack Bar Stools}”

March Madness #11- {Project Challenge- Pipes}

Hello everyone, and welcome to my March Madness #11! What better way to start wrapping up the twelve days than sharing another Project Challenge? This month for Project Challenge, the theme is pipes.  I actually had really been wanting to make one of these for awhile after seeing them on Pinterest. Christy over at ConfessionsContinue reading “March Madness #11- {Project Challenge- Pipes}”