12 days till Christmas

I got this idea at a local craft store at their after Christmas sale last year and just saved everything for this year. Here is what you will need: Large vase, string of lights, berries for filler, flameless candle (preferably), pine cones, ribbon (not shown) and puff ball snowmen ornaments. Arrange lights around candle. To getContinue reading “12 days till Christmas”

18, 17 & 16 days till Christmas

Nothing like tryin to make up for 3 days of Christmas crafts, but I like to think the old addage still rings true that it’s “better late then never”. I have been crafting and cleaning like crazy with what seems like nothing to show for it. Especially when one of the things I’m “crafting” isContinue reading “18, 17 & 16 days till Christmas”

19 days till Christmas

Okay, small confession. I didn’t do a “craft” today. Although I have a wonderful craft to share, courtesy of my amazing friend Margaret and her beautiful “Cranberry Heart” ornaments. Instead, today I worked on Jewelry orders and ga-gaed over my new watch face order. That’s right! My watch faces are here!! So now, you can goContinue reading “19 days till Christmas”