21 days till Christmas

Today I made one of many more to come headbands for Amy! She only has pink and needs a bigger variety and larger bows since she is getting so big. I had a friends ask how I make them, so here is the tutorial:                                                         All you need is stretchy fabric, ribbon of your choice,Continue reading “21 days till Christmas”

23 days till Christmas

                                          (yesterday’s craft) I got the idea from a friend’s blog to make aprons as gifts. I didn’t have a pattern that I liked so I made up my own.  Won’t it look great while she’s wearing these? I had a lot of fun with this…and I’m not telling who it’s for! *wink* Also, I madeContinue reading “23 days till Christmas”


I keep thinking about the drawing and getting this excited nervous feeling inside all at the same time.What will I be giving away? The fiesta necklace, clearly, something big and chunky? I’m wishin’ you could ALL win!!! I’m nervous! mostly excited. Can you believe it? Why am I nervous? Silly. I’m also thinkin’ it’s hard to believe how quickly ThanksgivingContinue reading “Who?!”