Oregon Home

Welcome to our home!

Front Porch

This house was built in the 60’s. I don’t think it was all that beautiful from the outside but the inside was a wonderful layout to raise seven children in! We built a lot of precious memories there and were sad to have to leave it.

Instead of messy, we like to call it “lived in”. 

With a family of 9, we have a lot going on around here.

Our decor is casual, but we want you to feel comfortable.

Please enjoy our small tour.

The Entryway

(view from entry)

Dining Room:

The greatest thing about this dining room is the capacity it has to hold my grandparents heirloom dining table that can seat up to 12 people. We have had so many wonderful Thanksgivings and meals with friends and family to add to our memory bucket, that I cherish every single one.

One of the greatest features in the dining room was this amazing fireplace! I made the mantel with a family woodworking friend who let me choose a beam from his property. He had me design the corbels and cut them out for me since they were so thick. My incredible husband mounted the mantel with long rods that came out through the inside of the fireplace so we didn’t have any unsightly screws to worry about from the front.


We designed the kitchen. It was a peninsula styled kitchen when we bought the house, and the sink was off-set to the window, which I knew would drive me bonkers! So we pulled everything out and started from scratch. My honey moved the wall that adjoins the mudroom into the mudroom 2 feet so we could have a bigger kitchen space. It was a wise decision. When you see the mudroom, you know it didn’t suffer any loss of space.

The wood flooring is rosewood. We bought the secondhand pieces to save money and regretted it! Piecing that together was seriously painful. Our advice is that you pay a little extra to have a lot easier time of it. Something that should only have taken a couple days, took a whole month.

The best thing about designing your own kitchen is deciding how and where you want the cupboards and drawers to be. We had a lot of space and everything was logically placed for the needs of each preparation area.

The one thing I wish I had here to show is the wall with the hutch, pantries and double oven. If I find a picture in the future, I will definitely add it here!

Mud Room:

I designed and installed everything in this mudroom. It was a clean slate. I wanted cubbies for the kids to keep their boots in, coat hooks to hang their coats and hats on, and individualized chalkboards.

The tote space is where art, puzzles, coloring and game supplies, as well as tablecloths and placemats are easily accessed. It was made from the old microwave and oven cupboard from the original kitchen that we pulled out.

I built the chalkboard with shelf for the kids to put notes and reminders for activities and events. I added clips so that I could hang their artwork from school. I love this area best of all!

1/2 Bath off mud room:

Living Room:

The previous owners shamefully painted over the granite rock and brick on the fireplace. If we could have restored it, we would have. We did try to chisel and chip at it, but there was no way to get the paint off or keep from ruining the structure, so I repainted it to match the inside of the front door and the living room walls. It turned out nice, considering.

Master Bedroom:

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Master Bathroom:

We remodeled this bathroom last of all. It was a lot of work and we were pretty burned out for awhile before we started on it. I think we took at least 5 years to get to where we finally wanted it done. I love how it turned out!

Boy Bedroom #1:

Girl Bedroom:

Boy Bedroom #2:

Upstairs Bathroom: 

Family Room:

Any edging, baseboards, and special accents you see in this whole house are projects I did throughout the years. From beadboard, to sheet metal, there is a lot you can do to add character to a house! It is something I have loved to do.

Downstairs Bathroom:

Boy Bedroom #3:

Laundry Room:

I will add links to the projects in these rooms as I organize and re-do this blog. I moved from another site, so the format is something I’m still getting used to.


Thank you for joining this tour! We miss this house that we renovated and cared for, as well as had 3 babies and created 15 years of precious memories in. We love that you, as a guest, continue to grow those memories.

To see what we are up to now, visit our Utah house page. Can’t wait to share more with you!