This is Me

I’m a happy wife and mother of 7 wonderful children who are the purpose of my life. We have lived in various parts of the United States and spent a 15 month job period in Mexico where I learned to speak Spanish. Traveling and moving has exposed me to a great many things in my life. I developed a love of decorating, nature, exercise and homemaking and am very grateful for the gifts and talents I have been blessed with. I really appreciate those things in others and am excited to have you here to visit my little piece of the world. Hugs!

After a 15 year renovation, we accepted a job in Utah and left beautiful Eugene Oregon (you can view the home tour here). We miss our friends that became our family network over the course of these past many years. However, we have been blessed to know and grow that network as well as return to much loved family.

Why do I blog?

Blogging is a passion I have as an outlet as well as a way to document my experiences and share them with others. I have benefitted through the years by others sharing, and hope this is a place where you find inspiration and purpose, something we all need regularly.